Status Date/Time Downlink Uplink Description Name
ACTIVE 2 weeks 3 days ago OR4ISS with IS0BWM CT1EIF more
ACTIVE 3 weeks 1 day ago le 30/10/2017 vers 11h20 UTC (12h20 heure de Paris). Il aura lieu entre Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA , et l’ école de Primaria e Secondaria di primo grado Istituto comprensivo Via XVI settembre, Civitavecchia, Italie. écoute depuis la Normandie en jn09na 73s de F-80.029 op Herve https://youtu.be/8fzlmcVLXKI F-80-029.Herve.SWL more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 3 days ago le 211017 vers 11h31 heure de Paris entre l’astronaute Paolo Nespoli IZØJPA et deux écoles Italienne depuis la normandie en jn09na 73s F-80.029 OP HERVE https://youtu.be/yCMHfePlepY F-80-029.Herve.SWL more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago TA1BM more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Heard Paolo Nespoli answering pupils questions (ground station EI1ISS). Loud and clear :) 73 F5FIE more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Heard ARISS school contact between OR4ISS and EI1ISS Tallaght Community School, Dublin, Ireland and telebridge via EI2SDR and the Gymnasium Räddningsgymnasiet Sando, Sandöverken, Sweden. 12:50UTC G7HCE more
ACTIVE 4 weeks 5 days ago Paolo Nespoli IZ0JPA qso du 19 10 2017 a 14 h 49 avec l Irlande entendu sur la Normandie en jn09na avec un report de 5/9 avec avec poste qyt kt 7900d et antenne mobile nagoya 770r tres bonne réception 73s de F-80.029 OP HERVE SWL VOICI UNE PETITE VIDÉO https://youtu.be/67ubMvFmJR0 F-80-029.Herve.SWL more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 1 day ago Heard TORU Teleoperator Control System on 121.750 and 130.167MHz Satellitenwelt.de more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 3 days ago Heard NA1SS side of ARISS QSO with group in San Diego, listening in 2 HTs (TH-215, TH-D74) with duckies in Phoenix AZ city park. Packet also active on 145.825 MHz WD9EWK more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 6 days ago School contact between 9M2RPN and OR4ISS (Mark T. Vande Hei KG5GNP) 9W2DYA more
ACTIVE 5 weeks 6 days ago School contact with 4O0ISS 9a8mm more
ACTIVE 7 weeks 9 hours ago Good recepționat over kn25ud mihai YO9GVW more
ACTIVE 7 weeks 4 days ago heard an Italian voice m0npt more
ACTIVE 7 weeks 5 days ago relay with LU Ham to School strong signal CE3SOC more
ACTIVE 8 weeks 2 days ago voice in Italian in the passage over Europe voce in lingua italiana nel passaggio sopra l'Europa IN3VHG more
ACTIVE 9 weeks 6 days ago Russian Communication from Docking Soyuz MS-06/ISS on 121.750 MHZ YC3BVG more
ACTIVE 9 weeks 6 days ago Heard russian voices on 143.625 and I saw Soyuz capsule hunting the ISS over the sky. Avesome SA0BSV more
ACTIVE 10 weeks 4 days ago ARISS contact skew more
NOT ACTIVE 10 weeks 6 days ago Not active, nothing heard EA7AHA more
ACTIVE 11 weeks 1 day ago W8CUL. School Contact. No washer. N0IUV more

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