Space Shuttle

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Space Shuttle

STS-107 Status Report #17 - Jan. 31, 2003

Space Shuttle

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Columbia crewmembers deactivated experiments and began stowing gear to prepare for their scheduled Saturday landing at the Kennedy Space Center.

N1ORC – Sat, 2003 – 02 – 01 12:14

STS-107 Landing 1 Feb. 14:16 GMT

Space Shuttle

The STS-107 crewmembers began preparing for their return to Earth, which is slated for Saturday.

Columbia is slated to land at 8:16 a.m. CST (1416 GMT) Saturday. Forecasts call for favorable weather at landing.

The STS-107 Landing Ground Tracks are available.

pe2jmr – Fri, 2003 – 01 – 31 20:52

STS-107 Crewmembers Repair Mist

Space Shuttle

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

The STS-107 Red Team successfully repaired the Water Mist Fire Suppression Experiment on Tuesday. The experiment, which is also known as Mist, will be the third investigation to occur in the Combustion Module.

N1ORC – Wed, 2003 – 01 – 29 13:28


Space Shuttle

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

In a remote, hostile, totally alien environment, every life-sustaining resource is precious. In space, other than air, none is more precious than water.

Improving the careful use of that critical resource is the goal of the Vapor Compression Distillation Flight Experiment, which is undergoing tests during the STS-107 Space Shuttle mission launched January 16.

N1ORC – Tue, 2003 – 01 – 28 20:27

STS-107 Status Report #11 - Jan. 25, 2003

Space Shuttle

Space shuttle Columbia's astronauts completed an experiment studying the activity of bone cells in microgravity and began final tests with a technology demonstration designed to investigate the behavior of capillary-pumped loops in space as the 16-day international science mission completed Flight Day 10.

N1ORC – Sun, 2003 – 01 – 26 13:43

Israeli Leaders Turn Heavenward, Speak To Ilan Ramon In Space on Columbia

Space Shuttle

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Education Minister Limor Livnat spoke with Israel's first astronaut, Col. Ilan Ramon, on a video hook-up late this afternoon as he was circling the Earth for approximately the 80th time since ascending into space five days ago. All three of them expressed great excitement at the opportunity to communicate in this manner.

N1ORC – Thu, 2003 – 01 – 23 11:47

STS-107 Status Report #08 - Jan. 22, 2003

Space Shuttle

The seven astronauts aboard Columbia beamed down television views of

their smallest companions in orbit today, including insects, spiders,

fish, bees and silk worms that are part of the Space Technology and

Research Students package of experiments designed and developed by

students in six countries.

N1ORC – Thu, 2003 – 01 – 23 11:45

Isreali PAO Event

Space Shuttle

Today 01/21/2003 @ 9:39am CST

The crew aboard STS-107 will be doing a live interview with Isreali Prime minister and selected cabnet members on NASA TV.......

73's de N9OEW

N9OEW – Tue, 2003 – 01 – 21 19:08


Space Shuttle




1 27647U 03003A 03017.77182080 .00041100 00000-0 34010-3 0 9016

2 27647 39.0160 221.7493 0012102 358.3911 1.7025 15.97715753 196

For more info Sie Extended Text (Read more)

pe2jmr – Fri, 2003 – 01 – 17 09:53

Columbia STS-107 launched today

Space Shuttle

Columbia Launches to Begin 16-Day Research Mission
STS-107 got under way today when Space Shuttle Columbia launched from
Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at 9:39 a.m. CST (1539 GMT). The seven-member
crew is slated to spend to 16 days in space conducting research during.....

IK1SLD – Thu, 2003 – 01 – 16 20:20

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