Status Date/Time Downlink Uplink Description Name
ACTIVE 3 hours 15 min ago from now Good return my call on 145.500 HP1RIS more
ACTIVE 12 hours 54 min ago Every Time the ISS is over me in JO44DV the QRG was not 145.800 Mhz the transmitting QRG was 145.500Mhz DH4LAR more
ACTIVE 1 day 15 hours ago From JN58, strong signals, full quieting. Unfortunately, a short pass from my location. DA1VF_WD8DUP more
ACTIVE 2 days 11 hours ago listening G0RNU 5/9+++ JN57HB 35RS067 more
ACTIVE 2 days 11 hours ago listening G0RNU F5CBP more
ACTIVE 2 days 15 hours ago Repeater active, but still no Tanusha. Lots of QRM (feedback?), and someone trying to CQ in the middle of it PE1NTN more
NOT ACTIVE 3 days 9 hours ago G7HCE more
ACTIVE 3 days 13 hours ago Active with stations making QSO's whilst no test messages heard from Tanusha-3 G7HCE more
ACTIVE 3 days 15 hours ago Tanusha message not heard, but managed to work EA4SG through the repeater using HT + Arrow (PE1NTN JO22jl) PE1NTN more
ACTIVE 3 days 15 hours ago No transmission messages heard from Tanusha-3 cubesat test onboard the ISS. Only heard other stations making QSO's through the crossband repeater with on 145.800 Mhz FM at 10:09 UTC on 45-deg pass over Exeter IO80GR. G7HCE more
ACTIVE 3 days 16 hours ago Active with Tanusha-3 cubesat test with a lot of distortion on 145.800 Mhz FM signal at 08:37 UTC on 10-deg pass over Exeter IO80GR G7HCE more
NOT ACTIVE 43 weeks 2 days ago Nothing heard, It seems to be OFF EA7AHA more
NOT ACTIVE 43 weeks 4 days ago Nothing heard and couldn't bring up the repeater myself. Digipeater was active. KG4AKV more
ACTIVE 43 weeks 4 days ago Heard several stations but unknown uplink EA7AHA more
ACTIVE 43 weeks 4 days ago QSO with IU2EFA CT1EIF more
ACTIVE 43 weeks 6 days ago YES!!! Worked F5RRO 5/9 19 deg. pass in Sweden from club station SK0QO SA0BSV more
NOT ACTIVE 49 weeks 6 days ago Not active passing close, over Central America. TI3IES more
NOT ACTIVE 50 weeks 7 hours ago None inactive ISS repeater. hc3rj more
ACTIVE 50 weeks 18 hours ago Few stations active on the repeater but no greeting messages heard from Tanusha-2 CubeSat at 06:25 UTC over Exeter G7HCE more
ACTIVE 50 weeks 1 day ago 84 degree pass over Southern California, worked the Tanyusha-2/ISS cross-band repeater. Lots of stations on, had qsos with KC7MG, K8YSE/7, K6JTT, NP4JV, KB6LTY & 1 or 2 others. KK6OTJ more

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