Recored Radio Contacts with the ISS

Garrett talks to South Africa: W5KWQ-ZS6TW QSO 15-Oct-08 18:31utc Orbit#56750

Had some good luck this evening.
I called ISS just as Richard was around the radio and he came back to me!
Had a nice short qso and then he worked several other South African stations.
The signal did not appear as super strong (i.e. 59++) as always from ISS - explained by the fact that I somehow had been switched to the vertical instead of the yagis!

I also called him and he returned my call on the next pass at 20:11 utc. But I only had a 0.2 degree elevation on that pass, so his signal was weak even on the beam. (I made sure this time!)

Thanks to Richard for coming on air over 'these parts'.

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ZS6TW – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 15 16:39

VE1AMA making a double Garriott family QSO

On this MP3 file and on my web page (for the complete audio pass)at you
will hear the October 15 1759utc ISS pass where Richard
Garriott is having a QSO with VE1AMA who also contacted his father W5LFL Owen
Garriot couple of years ago. I was able to get Richard just at
the end of the pass.

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VE2DWE – Wed, 2008 – 10 – 15 15:29

14 Oct 08 @ 17:34Z Pass

Pass over FN04fc (Toronto Area) . Max pass elevation was 19 deg. Good audio copy with HB 6EL, 2m Yagi and Kenwood TS-700a.
Audio was captured using the 'old "mic pointed at the speaker" trick! Uplink audio hiss time was removed
using sound editing program. Original WAV file was compressed to radio quality MP3.

This is my first ever voice reception of the ISS. TNX fer ur hard wrk es
bringing HAM to the ISS Richard! SWL/QSL cards?

Hpe to hv a 2-way contact with u next!

73 Greg
va3vfo at rac dot ca

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VA3VFO – Tue, 2008 – 10 – 14 17:05

ISS heard crossing the UK

Heard on 31st July 2008 on a colinear into an FT-847. Doppler wasn't a problem to resolve and peaked about +10dB over 9. Nice contact and the first time I've heard the ISS

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M0SNR – Tue, 2008 – 08 – 05 13:08

ARISS Contact with Scouts from Blackland Prarie Elementary School

ARISS Contact with Scouts from Blackland Prarie Elementary School made July 4th 2008.

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N5BTB – Thu, 2008 – 07 – 10 22:29


NA1SS contact with ZB3B in Gibraltar on the 29- January- 2006. Recording was obtained thanks to another fellow amateur Alain ( IZ6BYY )

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ZB3B – Sun, 2008 – 05 – 25 14:08

ISS calling four times

Calling ISS 4 times!

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Flexive – Sat, 2008 – 01 – 05 13:12

PAOLO NESPOLI and STS Commander Pam Melroy from the ISS in Italian

NA1SS and the italian astronaut PAOLO NESPOLI and STS-120 Commander Pam Melroy from the ISS
talking to an Italian school (IK1XHI & IZ6BAJ)
freq. 145,800 MHz - FM

Date 29/10/2007

Time 9.30 (GMT+1)

SWL only

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bodhanath – Fri, 2007 – 11 – 23 16:13

Andy Thomas onboard Discovery ISS

This is a recording that I made while I had a QSO with Andy Thomas

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VK3UKF – Fri, 2007 – 11 – 16 04:23

59 copy of 9W2MUS - Kuala Selangor West Malaysia

Recorded by 9W2IBR

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9w2ibr – Fri, 2007 – 10 – 19 10:18

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