During 1996, a group of amateur radio operators involved in the communications with the MIR Space Station, decided to join into the "Mir Fan Club". In a very short time over 1200 enthusiasts from all over the world asked to participate, including Cosmonaut Valery Korzun, while leading crew #22. Nowdays MIR is not flying anymore, but here we are again with the same spirit and the same enthusiasm for the ISS, the new International Space Station.

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Samantha talking to Italian school

Samantha talking with an Italian school, heard and recorded in Florence by i5fip.

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pierofirenze – Sat, 2015 – 03 – 07 12:11

SSTV Activity from the ISS scheduled for February 21st, 22nd, 23rd



Tuesday, February 17, 2015
David Jordan, AA4KN

SSTV Activity from the ISS is scheduled for February-Update

alain – Fri, 2015 – 02 – 20 00:45

Russian SSTV Images from the ISS



Thursday, Jan.29, 2015
David Jordan, AA4KN

Russian SSTV Images from the ISS
This Weekend
Russian SSTV transmissions are planned from the International Space Station on Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1. The transmit frequency will be 145.800. The expected mode is PD180 producing a high quality image with a frame scan of 187 seconds.

alain – Thu, 2015 – 01 – 29 23:45

ISS transmitting SSTV images.

Hello radio friends,

Russian ISS crew started transmitting SSTV images.
Amateur radio operators from several different countries have received SSTV images from ISS.
Some of them have sended their received SSTV images to the ARISS SSTV gallery:

If you have received SSTV images please send them via the ARISS SSTV submission page:

We may not be able to display every image because of quality or duplication.
But we keep them in the archieve for futher investigation.

pd0rkc – Thu, 2014 – 12 – 18 10:53

Astronaut Samantha talking about her first ARISS school contact.

Hello all,

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti did her first ARISS contact yesterday with a school in Italia.
She wrote a nice story (below) about her experience and she posted a photo operating via the Ericsson handheld radio.

73s Cor PD0RKC
Abstract from ESA Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's logbook

Yesterday, December 15, I had my first HAM radio contact with school pupils.
A big hello to the students of the schools "Elena di Savoia" in Bari and "Alessandro Volta" in Bitonto!

pd0rkc – Tue, 2014 – 12 – 16 12:07

First ISS Contact from Ghana (9G2AA)

Hi, this is the first sstv signal that I received from my lab (Intelligent Space Systems laboratory-9G2AA) in Ghana, on saturday, 6th of September 2014. The frequency was 144.802Mhz. There is pause at the beginning of the recording when I was trying to send voice uplink to the ISS. Still trying to decode it and still trying to make voice contact with them. I removed the breaks in the audio in other to reduce the size of the audio

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9G1IC – Tue, 2014 – 09 – 09 13:23

RS0ISS VOICE 30.08.2014_10.07.32_UTC 145.800


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DL2AMM – Sat, 2014 – 08 – 30 06:27

Audio ARISS Russia School Contact S9 signal over Germany

28-08-2014 1141 - 1149 UTC ARISS Russia School Contact St Petersburg S9 signal over Germany

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DG0OJG – Fri, 2014 – 08 – 29 13:40

NA1SS audio - 28 June 2014, 1953-1957 UTC

Audio from NA1SS on 145.800 MHz, passing over Arizona during a shallow pass on 28 June 2014 at 1953-1957 UTC. This was the second ISS pass during the 2014 ARRL Field Day.

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WD9EWK – Thu, 2014 – 07 – 03 12:10

NA1SS contact with N8RPA

I am very proud to make my first space station contact on 6/28/2014 at 21:38. Thanks Reid for the great contact! 73, Brian

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N8RPA – Sun, 2014 – 06 – 29 13:38

Date UTC Az El Lat Lon Orbit Vis

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