During 1996, a group of amateur radio operators involved in the communications with the MIR Space Station, decided to join into the "Mir Fan Club". In a very short time over 1200 enthusiasts from all over the world asked to participate, including Cosmonaut Valery Korzun, while leading crew #22. Nowdays MIR is not flying anymore, but here we are again with the same spirit and the same enthusiasm for the ISS, the new International Space Station.

STS-112 Atlantis en route to the ISS

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Atlantis mission STS-12 is en
route to the International Space Station.
Launch's happened today October 7, 2002 at 19:46 UTC.

IK1SLD – Mon, 2002 – 10 – 07 23:14

Atlantis STS-112 Info and Images

Space Shuttle

Hello, I have prepared as always a page with information and images about the incoming Shuttle mission STS-112. Countdown and other can be found here at SpaceOnLine Satellite News

IK1SLD – Sun, 2002 – 10 – 06 13:28

ISS Status Report #46 - Oct. 4, 2002

ISS Status Report

With Houston's Mission Control Center (MCC) back in operation, the
deliberate power up of the International Space Station is proceeding as

IK1SLD – Sat, 2002 – 10 – 05 21:07

Susan Helms leaves NASA(CQoct.2002)

ISS Amateur Radio

ISS astronaut Susan Helms,kc7nhz,who was very active on ham radio from the International Space Station, has left NASA and returned to her primary job as an Air Force Colonel.

kc8fks – Sat, 2002 – 10 – 05 20:24

AMSAT-DL: Lets Go to Mars!

Space News

The German amateur satellite organization, AMSAT-DL, has proposed sending an amateur radio satellite to Mars!

As envisioned, the satellite would be a "mother ship" for launching smaller probes that would transmit back information about the Martian atmosphere and surface,as well as a repeater that would beam that information back to earth.

For more information, see the AMSAT-DL website at http://www.amsat-dl.org/p5a/p5a-to-mars.pdf

kc8fks – Sat, 2002 – 10 – 05 20:23

Valery Korzun says Shuttle is OK for launch

Space Shuttle

I just talked with Valery Korzun and he says the Shuttle launch will occur on Monday and all is going well and no problem.

Mission Control had been shut down earlier in the week due to the potential threat from Hurricane Lili but it is ready to support countdown activities Sunday.

IK1SLD – Sat, 2002 – 10 – 05 15:40

ISS Voice QSO with 5 watts

ISS Amateur Radio

I have a 4 element Yagi beam installed on a tripod in my balcony. This is the antenna I use for VHF communications. It's a fix mount, so I can't rotate or elevate the antenna. I have pointed towards North and aproximately about 5 degrees elevation.

CT1ETE – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 04 19:52

Estimated STS-112 Launch Time

Space Shuttle

Estimated STS-112 launch time calculated with DOS Program "STS2ISS" Ver. 0.2 01.06.2002 author Udo, DL7OL

IK1SLD – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 04 14:05


Space Shuttle

Oct 7th earliest STS-112 will launch. Hurricane Threat to Mission Control Forces Launch Delay.The potential threat of Hurricane Lili to the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, forced Space Shuttle Program managers to push the launch of STS-112 back to Monday.

N1ORC – Wed, 2002 – 10 – 02 20:15

Channels stored in Ericsson MP-A radio onboard ISS

ISS Amateur Radio

Info from Frank H. Bauer and Miles Mann.
A1 - B1 - B6 ? How many channels ?
Frank:"The Ericsson MP-A radios have a bank of 64 discrete frequency channels.
Four zones (A-D) with 16 frequencies in each zone".

IK1SLD – Wed, 2002 – 10 – 02 14:19

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