During 1996, a group of amateur radio operators involved in the communications with the MIR Space Station, decided to join into the "Mir Fan Club". In a very short time over 1200 enthusiasts from all over the world asked to participate, including Cosmonaut Valery Korzun, while leading crew #22. Nowdays MIR is not flying anymore, but here we are again with the same spirit and the same enthusiasm for the ISS, the new International Space Station.

STS-112 MCC Status Report #07

ISS Status Report

Astronauts Dave Wolf and Piers Sellers completed all planned International Space Station assembly tasks today during a 7-hour, 1-minute spacewalk, an excursion focused on attaching the next segment of the station's backbone – the Starboard One (S1) Truss – to the Starboard Zero (S0) Truss.

N1ORC – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 11 13:06


ISS Status Report

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

The International Space Station is a construction site in orbit once again as Space Shuttle Atlantis and Expedition Five crewmembers today prepare to install the next segment of the station's backbone – the Starboard One (S1) Truss.

N1ORC – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 11 09:20

STS-112 Begin first space walk

Space Shuttle

Mission Specialists David Wolf and Piers Sellers began STS-112’s first spacewalk at 10:21 a.m. CDT (1521 GMT) today. Their main objective is to begin activating and outfitting the International Space Station’s newly installed S1 (S-One) Truss.

kc8fks – Fri, 2002 – 10 – 11 09:15

ISS Packet moved to 145.825 MHz Simplex

Miles Mann, WF1F sent this message: "..Reports are now coming in from across the USA. ISS packet has now moved to 145.825 simplex for a test cycle. When I talked to Valery and Dave Wolf last night they had suggested it would be 2 more days. Looks like the moved the schedule ahead"

IK1SLD – Thu, 2002 – 10 – 10 23:42

STS-112 MCC Status Report - Oct. 9, 2002

ISS Status Report

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

The crew of the International Space Station welcomed the first visitors to its home in space today when the hatch between the space station and the space shuttle Atlantis was opened at 11:51 a.m. CDT.

IK1SLD – Thu, 2002 – 10 – 10 10:13

ISS + Atlantis crew active Orbit 22,194

ISS Amateur Radio

Heard David Wolf in several QSOs while I quickly switched over from packet to voice uplink frequency. Didn't Seem to be much of a pileup. David signed saying they needed to get up early for the EVA.

KB1GUE – Thu, 2002 – 10 – 10 10:04

STS-112 docked to the Station

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Atlantis docked to the International Space Station at 1517 GMT today and the hatches were opened at 1651 GMT. The two crews will conduct a week of joint operations.

IK1SLD – Thu, 2002 – 10 – 10 00:29

Korzun to ALL about change Frequency and STS-112

ISS Amateur Radio

AT 17:25 GMT.
DURING THE NEXT WEEK... said this afternoon in two messages Valery

IK1SLD – Wed, 2002 – 10 – 09 00:23

MAREX-NA News: Oct. 8, 2002

ISS Amateur Radio

ISS Packet System changes call sign for Mail box - ISS to Change Frequency for APRS test - Mail from Commander Valery Korzun on ISS - Shuttle Launched

By Miles Mann WF1F,
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division

IK1SLD – Tue, 2002 – 10 – 08 23:33

ISS Packet System will be temporarily QSY'ed

The ARISS team has agreed to a limited test of the ISS packet system as a
dual-hop constellation with PCsat. This means that the ISS packet system will be temporarily QSY'ed to the 145.825 MHz simplex frequency of the PCsat digipeater so that the two satellites can operate together.

IK1SLD – Tue, 2002 – 10 – 08 20:09

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