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I have been working on a uhf eggbeater antenna for about a week and cannot get the thing to tune worth squat. As a matter of fact it won't tune at all. I used the plans posted by k50e and am at a loss as to what is causing it. I used 3' of shedule 40 pvc pipe as a platform, made the loops the right size, used rg/62 (93ohm) for the phasing line at 5.08"" and fed it with good rg8 coax. It will do nothing. Any hints or clear plans would be a help. Thanks

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re: Eggbeater

Check for a short in your coax and phasing lines, It can happen to the best of us.

I suggest a quick continuity test between the shield and center conductor of you coax and phasing lines before you start tearing your hair out.

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K5OE TxEggBeater

Hi Lee...

I've been using Jerry's design for years, and have built several for friends as well.
Not sure where you found the plans, as his original AOL site went away - however I had previously grabbed the pages and Jerry has authorized me to publish them on my server, so here is that link for future reference : . . .

It is obviously easier to do this as the build is in progress, but did you check each loop individually ?
Even without a fancy analyzer you can do a fairly low power check at several frequencies across the band, and see where is the lowest SWR.
If each loop has acceptable SWR near your desired frequency, the phasing line should make very little difference once they are combined. I find these to be very broadbanded and forgiving if your dimensions are even close. Jerry's notes suggest first checking the SWR with the two loops in parallel, without the phasing line.

Re check your dimensions, for the 70cm version, my loops are about 76 cm. I have some pics I took last time I made these, but I'll have to add that link later (after I find them). Let us know how you make out (direct email is OK too). Good Luck /;^)
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Re: Eggbeater

Hello W0HSN,

Did you check your eggbeater antenna with an antenna analyzer?
In case you do not own one, than ask amateurs to help who have one.
And after that if you still do not have found the problem than post an e-mail message
to amsat (at) because there are a lot of satellite intrested
hams who have a lot experiance with homebrew antenna's.
If you sended an e-mail than your question should appear after an admin has
But first you need to know the measurement results of a antenna analyzer.
Also put a little part of the used plastics inside a microwave oven and if the plastics
feel warm than you can not use it for the parts which have to be electrical isolated!

73's Cor PD0RKC

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Harlan....if you do a search for kb2hsh on will find a very good video on building an eggbeater antenna from John....It should help ....maybe it's something small you have missed in your construction .

Best 73

let me know how you make out.

Submitted by N2NRJ on Tue, 2009-12-29 14:08.

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