Third object in orbit with ISS / STS127?

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No, this is not a UFO sighting, but it is my first post!

I was viewing an ISS pass tonight with a couple friends when we noticed a third (in addition to the ISS / shuttle complex) object pass in precisely the same orbit. I checked my regular tracking site (heavens_above) and saw nothing. Then I noticed that the Russians launched a cargo vessel this morning.

Could I have seen this object pass in orbit? Whatever it was, it was a beautiful sight!

chompchomp – Fri, 2009 – 07 – 24 22:35

Third Object

I was glad to hear that I was not seeing things. I too was out when the ISS/Shuttle passed over on Friday night. It was spectacular as we live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and it passed directly overhead. At one point near over head, we saw another object that was obviously in a parallel orbit and was pacing the complex exactly. This 2nd object was North of the complex and it faded out at almost the exact same time as the ISS.

It was a spectacular sight, but I was very curious to try to find out what it was.

We just came in from another spectacular pass (Sunday at 21:15 local time) but no mystery object was seen this time.

Also, no communications that I over heard.

Rod Villari
Covington, KY


Submitted by rtv1130 on Sun, 2009-07-26 21:56.

Third Object

I'm glad I'm not alone! I was beginning to wonder if I made up the whole thing. My neighbor and his girlfriend watched the pass with me that night. She has no experience in satellite tracking and was apparently quite freaked out by the whole thing that night. He told me this morning that she was convinced that someone "shot a missile" at the ISS and the news is covering it up.

Education, people.

With that said, I haven't received any confirmation that what we saw was the Russian cargo vehicle (Progress?) but I'm going on that assumption.

Any idea who we could contact that could verify that?

Submitted by chompchomp on Mon, 2009-07-27 12:21.


A Progress ship icon is on the NASA-TV ISS tracking map. That should be your other object.

Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by N5VHO on Mon, 2009-07-27 13:20.

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