Which was your favorite 25th Anniversary special mode?

1200 VHF Packet
17% (12 votes)
9600 VHF Packet
0% (0 votes)
VHF up/ UHF down with PL crossband repeater
35% (25 votes)
UHF up/ VHF down crossband repeater
22% (16 votes)
L-band up/ VHF down crossband repeater
0% (0 votes)
SSTV downlinks
26% (19 votes)
Total votes: 72
N5VHO – Fri, 2009 – 01 – 09 12:57

Very cool site

Greetings to all from Alaska!!

Would be very cool to make two way contact..the girls and I shall make every effort to do so..

Peace and Love to all the Universe
AKAllie and girls

New Vid..Enjoy!!

Submitted by akallie on Wed, 2009-01-14 22:58.

First two way Contact

Aloha from Lana'i City Hawaii

This morning 01/14/2009 @ 0425 hours local time in hawaii, I made my first contact with two station from the island of Honolulu (AH6RH & WH7QR) I finally made contact, the pass couple days I did everything wrong I couldn't get the contact doing everything wrong, but I have got it this morning.

Ced Urpanil (KH6CPU)

Submitted by Ced on Wed, 2009-01-14 15:27.

V/U Crossband Repeater

By far, the mode which has gotten the most response and enthusiasm in Hawaii is the V/U crossband repeater. It has greatly expanded the excitement for the ISS. From scratch, we have at least seven hams which have tried during the silver anniversary to sample and successfully make their first two-way voice contacts via the ISS using this mode with equipment they already have. Just this evening, we have had the first contact between the islands. At least two more are working on making their first contact this week. It's been an educational campaign (which is in its final days), that has been successful and rewarding. It is gratifying to see that people are working at perfecting their understanding and skill in the art of space-based communications. Ron Hashiro, AH6RH [url]http://ronhashiro.htohananet.com/am-radio/spacecomm/[/url]
Submitted by AH6RH on Tue, 2009-01-13 09:40.


Nobody will like something that is harder to achieve and that delivers the same features.
Why the hell should I deal with the 9600 bd packet when I can do exactly the same things on 1200?
Packet radio (with some additions like 9600bd) can deliver live NASA quality pictures, videos, space to ground and ground to ground messaging and more. Its not just a number that changes. Its a completely different thing.

This poll is misleading.

Submitted by alain on Fri, 2009-01-09 13:22.


There where 6 different modes operated during the 25th Anniversary special. All the poll asks is which one people liked best of those modes used. It was not intended as an all inclusive list of current and future mode capabilites for a popularity questionaire. Just pick what you did like during the special event. Fairly straight forward.

Kenneth - N5VHO
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Submitted by N5VHO on Fri, 2009-01-09 14:24.

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