ISSf Crew Keyboard RS0ISS-4

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Good evening all. This is Mike W1MWB a new ARISS enthusiast. I love using the packet system and have been talking to others in my radio club about trying it out. I have 2 questions about the ISS.

1. IS there any projected time of day when the crew keyboard usually is monitored by a live person? RS0ISS-4 is usually the first thing I try during a pass. I've all but given up on the PBBS because only one person can stay connected to RS0ISS-11 and I usually get bumped off. I've been using the UNPROTO settings to talk to other hams on the system.

2. Are there any windows of opportunity to find ISS crew operating voice? Is voice on the same freq? I look forward to any replies. 73 and SEE YOU ON THE ISS PACKET SYSTEM!

Mike W1MWB.

W1MWB – Thu, 2007 – 10 – 11 21:58



no the packet station is not usable by the crew at the moment. They need a new laptop that cannot be sent due to the recent Shuttle problems.
Also please keep in mind that APRS on the ISS is a bad thing since it prevents the astronauts from using the mailbox. Tell your friends too.

Submitted by alain on Fri, 2007-10-12 00:58.


Ciao Alain,
io sono I7PQD Michele(anni 67) in Maglie (LE). Scrivo in italiano poichè so che tu comprendi perfettamente, mentre io in inglese non riesco ad esprimere bene i concetti un pò complicati.Vorrei fare una domanda:posso continuare a fare traffico solo packet/aprs via ISS, visto che ,se ho capito bene, l'APRS via ISS è una brutta cosa?
Grazie e 73'

Submitted by i7pqd on Sat, 2007-10-13 14:15.

Ciao Michele, quello che

Ciao Michele,

quello che ARISS sta facendo (un po' per pigrizia, per incapacita' e per interessi personali) e' spingere sempre di piu' l'APRS dimenticando lo scopo principale della stazione radioamatoriale sulla ISS: comunicare con gli astronauti.
L' APRS e' a mio avviso la fine del packet radio sulla ISS e forse anche la fine del packet radio in generale.
Per colpa dell'APRS gli astonauti dimenticheranno l'utilizzo del bbs. Se ci accontentiamo dell'aprs nessuno si preoccupera' mai di migliorare il sistema packet radio della iss e rimarremo sempre ancorati alla soluzione adottata dalla MIR quando io ancora facevo le scuole medie...
Tu sei libero di fare quello che vuoi. Personalmente in ogni passaggio mi limitavo a mandare un unproto con un messaggio per gli altri. Quel messaggio talvolta era codificato in APRS e conteneva le mie coordinate. Un pacchetto... massimo due. Era piu' che altro un test che facevo in attesa si connettemi al bbs.

73 de

Alain De Carolis

Submitted by alain on Sun, 2007-10-14 22:17.

Grazie!PBBS o unproto via ISS

Grazie caro Alain per la risposta;ci rifletterò un pò sopra.L'occasione è stata per me piacevole anche per visitare il tuo web e leggere tutte le notizie che hai scritto dagli USA in questi giorni da Roosevelt Island. 73' a presto Michele .

Submitted by i7pqd on Mon, 2007-10-15 13:14.

Packet (APRS)

Currently, the D700 is configured for Packet only. The APRS portion of the radio is not enabled. That does not mean that the digipeater will not support APRS since APRS is just a subset of Packet. It just relays any AX25 1200 packets it hears so if they are formatted with APRS data then it happlily relays that data.

As for APRS preventing the crew from using the BBS, that is less of an issue than the lack of a computer to access the BBS. No Computer means no keyboard for the crew.

To address the initial questions:
1. The comments above should clear up the fact that the crew does not have access to the keyboard or BBS due to the lack of a computer.

2. The crew operates on voice whenever they want to. Some crew members are very active and some never get on the radio. The frequencies they use for voice are always the same. See the NASA link below for that information

Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by N5VHO on Fri, 2007-10-12 12:11.


Kenneth (N5VHO),

Thank you, once again, for providing the clarity on the ISS packet activity.

I have seen a lot of activity recently here in Europe with Packet digipeating of APRS messages via the ISS using the callsign RS0ISS-4 on 145.825 MHz.

I have also seen the BBS being accessed, callsign RS0ISS-11, by one or two stations, which pretty much blocks the frequency for the remainder of the pass.

If the crew do not have a laptop, then presumably they cannot read any ISS BBS messages left for them, thereby making the BBS pretty much pointless to use at present.

As I see it, if the crew are on voice on 145.800 MHz over Europe, that is great. If they are not on voice and the radio is left in Packet mode then APRS seems appropriate as a greater number of stations can use the facility simoultaneously.

This is just a personal view and not everyone will agree, one way or the other, APRS v. BBS packet use.

The overiding good news is that the radio is working whether it be for voice or Packet.

All the best

Philip G0ISW

Submitted by g0isw on Sat, 2007-10-13 06:04.

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