Trip to Florida

I just got back from a week trip to Palm Bay Florida and while there we went to the Kennedy Space Center and took a tour.
Anyone that gets the chance take this tour!!! What a great time we had. Got to go on a shuttle launch sim. Watch alot of films on the space shuttles and the I.S.S. some even in 3d. Toured the place where they are making modules for the I.S.S. to be delivered. Got a few good pics of the shuttle and both launch pads. My son got a collectors coil of Apollo 11. I also took pics Buzz Aldrin, Alan Sheaperd, Neil Armstrong and all crew members of Apollo 1. Took pics of the mars land rover and one of the Apollo rockets. We then went to the space museum.

kc8fks – Sat, 2007 – 06 – 30 21:58

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