Anyone heard the ISS recently?

What is happening with the radios on the ISS? I haven't been monitoring very often but it used to be that every time I did when there was a pass there would either be packet or, on rare occasions, someone calling CQ or QRZ. Of course, apart from when Bill McArthur was up there it was mostly packet. But at least that was something... Now what do we get? Silence.

Do they only use the radio for school contacts now?

Can anyone shed any light on the subject? Are we ever to hear anything more from the ISS?



M0MJH – Sat, 2006 – 12 – 30 12:35

You'll have to go back a few

You'll have to go back a few months to see the reports but basically the automatic modes don't work as designed. You'll be hearing a lot of silence until the crew can reporgram the radio. Currently, that task is stalled until a computer is designated for the operation.

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