What is the lowest chance of return that you'd accept for a NASA expedition to Mars?

11% (20 votes)
17% (32 votes)
20% (37 votes)
30% (56 votes)
22% (40 votes)
Total votes: 185
cameraperson – Sun, 2006 – 07 – 09 11:03

One way trip to Mars? it's

One way trip to Mars? it's not boring? as seen by Mars rovers there is nothing more than rocks, maybe if they try to land on Cydonia Mensae it would be a good trip, who knows if they find an ancient clock on the sand :) . I'd much rather visit Enceladus moon for a one way trip to somewhere..

And writing something more serious, I think it must be absolutely necessary to have a 99,99% chance of return.

Submitted by pcolomes on Tue, 2006-07-18 09:08.

99.9 Percent

99.9 % might be the likleyhood of driving your car to work and returning safely. Blasting off from Earth is frought with all kinds of dangers, such as lightening strikes, "foam" strikes, bird strikes, systems failures, and Murphy's law. I think any reasonable person would have to put the chance at 50/50 given the unknowns. Remember Apollo 13.. That was simply a flight to our moon. Remember Challenger and Columbia...

I would volunteer "TODAY" given a 50/50 chance, and fight anyone in my way for a seat. I suspect that many of the current NASA crews feel the same way for such a great undertaking.

Where do I sign up???
de John, NO5X

Submitted by NO5X on Sun, 2006-07-23 15:32.

If we can put a man on the moon...

In the unlikely event I were on it, I'd like it to be pretty high. C'mon, it's not like this stuff is rocket science.

Submitted by AD5TF on Fri, 2006-07-14 20:31.

0% = One way trip, Right?

Somebody out there would be willing to go even if they knew it was a one way trip? I say send them now! They could save millions by not having to send the extra supplies and hardware to keep them alive for the trip back.

Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by N5VHO on Tue, 2006-07-11 21:41.

Instead of jumping off a

Instead of jumping off a cliff, one might decide to see something new...

Check this out

Iss Fan Club Staff

Submitted by iz6byy on Wed, 2006-07-12 06:22.

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