What kind of Packet TNC are you using as your main TNC to access the ISS?

SV2AGW Sound card Packet Engine
24% (21 votes)
Kantronics KPC-3
7% (6 votes)
Other Kantronics
17% (15 votes)
AEA/TImewave TNC-2 models
5% (4 votes)
Pacomm TNC-2 models
0% (0 votes)
MFJ TNC-2 models
6% (5 votes)
Kenwood TM-D700 VHF/UHF APRS mobile radio
13% (11 votes)
Kenwood TH-D7A VHF/UHF APRS handie radio
5% (4 votes)
Other TNC-2
9% (8 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Elcom USB micro TNC
2% (2 votes)
Other hardware-based TNC solution
3% (3 votes)
BayCom BayPac or other Modems and PC software
7% (6 votes)
Other software-based TNC solution
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 86
AH6RH – Mon, 2006 – 05 – 29 12:26

Looks like new Packet Equipment

As I created the poll, seeking to find out what kind of packet terminal node controller solutions were being used to contact the ISS, I thought it likely that the TNC equipment would be relatively new, considering the first TAPR TNC-1 came out around 1983. That quickly evolved to the TNC-2, which is the mainstay of AX.25 operations.

I suspected the majority of ISS packet was being done using the SV2AGW packet engine software and Kantronics, and so far, it accounts for 20 out of 39 votes, or basically one half of the TNCs used.

The Kenwood built-in TNCs account for 6 votes, or about 15 percent acounts for the next biggest block of TNCs.

Combined, these three categories account for 2/3 of the votes to date, and indicates that ISS packet contacts are being done by relatively new packet equipment.

Thank you and mahalo for the information contributed to the poll so far.

Ron, AH6RH

Submitted by AH6RH on Sun, 2006-06-04 03:33.

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