Unknown data packets

A little off topic of ISS but I had the radio on 145.8 last night hoping to just copy some aprs packets. Instead I picked up the following items off of 9600 baud side. Times listed are Mountain Daylight (UTC-6).

2:Fm CvX-14 To -12 [03:39:10]
2:Fm -2 To Z-11 [04:04:24]

Can anyone identify them?

kb8pxv – Sun, 2006 – 04 – 09 11:09

Crew 13 have a lot of IMPORTANT works on the Station.

You know Crew 12 is "FLYING" Home and they have a good landing. So the Crew 13 have a lot of important works on the station and when they have make this work they have time to active the ham radio. And then the activitys can beginning. And we all wait for this moment, since the hatching from the Soyuz TMA-7.


Submitted by SWL-CHMY on Tue, 2006-04-11 05:58.

It dropped part of the

It dropped part of the message when I posted it.

2:Fm CvX-14 To -12 RNR P/F R3 [DAMA] [EAX25] [03:39:10]
2:Fm -2 To Z-11 I R0 S7 pid=48 [DAMA] [EAX25] [04:04:24]

Dave K

Submitted by kb8pxv on Sun, 2006-04-09 11:11.

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