How close is the tracking software on this website ??

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I am a First time poster on this site. I was wondering how close is the tracking software on this site ?? I typed in my hometown and waited for the little graphic in the top left corner to pass around and over my home town. The first time the graphic was right on the money and down to the second. The second time I did not recieve anything on the 145.800 mhz. The graphic was showing that the ISS was on top of me. I was getting no audio from the ISS. Did the ISS turn of the repeater ?? or is the Graphic wrong ??

KI4GGH – Fri, 2005 – 12 – 30 05:53

If there are no problems the tracking is pretty accurate.
To know when ISS will be over your place you should not use the little image in the top left corner. You sould use the "tracking" function instead.
With that function you can get a written list of pass data that can also be printed. That data will give you the direction, elevation, distance etc. minute by minute.
The picture is just a quick indication to show where the station is now. Its not for tracking.


Submitted by iz6byy on Fri, 2005-12-30 07:13.

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