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IMO, Unregisterd users should not be allowed to post in ANY forum. What do you think ? :twisted:
Ron - N7SIJ

N7SIJ – Fri, 2005 – 10 – 28 09:41

The webmasters use to have it locked down to registered users only but wanted to give some infrequent viewers the chance to report and speed up the reporting time closer to the actual event. Guess we got too many viewers.

It seems that they don't post to the packet area often. Wonder if that is because you have to check a radio button (active and Not Active) and if you don't, it generates an error. Maybe we could just add radio buttons for Voice (indicate VHF, UHF or HF) and buttons for Repeater indicating the bands operated Up/down (U/v, V/u, L/u, L/v)to reduce the auto posts.

Submitted by N5VHO on Sun, 2005-10-30 21:55.

I'll second that. Not registered can't post. I do not recall the registration process here, I do not recall it to be lengthy either. But if Kens idea will work we can try that first.


Submitted by kc0rwz on Wed, 2005-11-02 23:56.

yea... it's good idea!
The spam in the Voice Status Bar is VERY adversary!
Please do this at this time only!After that if the spammer is eliminated we can remove obligatory registration.

Submitted by LZ1KKA on Thu, 2005-11-03 01:10.

Those ads really make no sense.
They dont even have urls in them. They are completely pointless. I am afraid that this site is becoming annoying to somebody...
by the way I will solve the problem in the next few days because I am writing a new Amateur Radio module from scratch that includes a challenge/response mechanism. I have already begun and I will try to make it for the weekend.

So challenge/response will be the next step.
If that will not stop the bad guys and they will post annoying stuff by hands we will switch back to registered users only posting.
If they will also register to to their nasty things then we well switch back to the opt-out.

For now, please moderators keep moderating and thanks for your hard work.


Submitted by iz6byy on Fri, 2005-11-04 17:41.

I would suggest adding something like a text word that is shown in an image form, and before the user's post can be accepted, he or she will need to type in that word in the image to a text box.

The above method is used commonly on many websites to prevent unauthorized autonomous registration or entries.


Sion Chow Q. C.,

Submitted by 9W2QC on Sat, 2005-11-05 06:00.

I worked all night long on that thing and even if it still needs some cosmetic changes it should do the job.

Now we have the anti-spam thing plus a unique form that managed all the modes at once (notice the new SSTV, PSK31 etc...).

Suggestions welcomed.

Submitted by iz6byy on Sun, 2005-11-06 00:30.

Its a fantastic and great job, Alain. Keep up the good work, and all the best in fighting the spammers.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

Submitted by 9W2QC on Sun, 2005-11-06 05:46.

Thanks Alain! I look forward to checking some of the new mode buttons in the future.
Also, thanks for fixing the forum so that topics with recent posts go to the top of the list. Make it much easier to see the recently discussed items.

Submitted by N5VHO on Sun, 2005-11-06 10:19.

Alain, Thank-you sooo much for all your hard work,
super job ! Ron - N7SIJ

Submitted by N7SIJ on Mon, 2005-11-07 09:50.

Very nice job!

Submitted by LZ1KKA on Mon, 2005-11-07 10:03.

Anti spam!

Alain also thanks for working on the
problem good luck!

73's Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Mon, 2005-11-07 10:14.

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