19 April contact to school in Warwick - UK !

19 April an ISS contact planned for school in Warwick, UK !

school contact has been planned for Ricky Arnold KE5DAU with Kings High School, Warwick, UK.

The event is scheduled on Thursday at approximately 12.05 UTC.

The contact will be a direct operated by GB4KHS.

The contact should be audible in parts of Europe !

Interested parties are invited to listen in on the 145.800 MHz FM downlink. (ONLY RX !!! )

Moreover, the event will be webcast real time:

1100 UTC : Web stream to start. The school will welcome everyone, including those on the stream and will proceed into the presentations from the students on their activities that have led up to the contact itself.

1145 UTC : ARISS Operations UK will take over and provide the context for the contact itself.

1205 UTC : ARISS Contact with Ricky Arnold.

1215 UTC : ARISS contact concludes and final address from the school.
The web stream will be available on https://live.ariss.org

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73 de IW2BSF - Rudy

School Information:

The Mars story of the school

The Mars project, envisioned by a student after watching Tim Peake’s 2016 mission, is our chance to inspire more girls while in their formative years, to consider studying science at A level and beyond.

Since 1879 King’s High Warwick has been championing girls in science and STEM subjects as one of the leading all-girls schools in the Midlands. The importance of girls’ education back then was viewed as inferior to that of boys and the early headmistresses of King’s set about trying to change that. Over a hundred years on girls and boy’s education is viewed as equal, however the number of girls in science and STEM subjects is still not equal to our male counterparts; through school and into the workplace. Just 35% of girls choose maths, physics and computing compared to 94% of boys

The Project One campus is the latest opportunity for King’s girls, consisting of brand new school buildings on the Warwick School site. It will feature state of the art science labs, enabling future generations of girls to study with the best facilities possible. The future King’s girls at the Prep and local schools will use these labs for their time at King’s and we believe the Mars Project will inspire them to see what studying STEM can lead to, helped by access to high quality equipment. The project will assist in creating a collaborative relationship between the wide variety of subjects that have previously had minimal cross over in their syllabuses. The focus on Mars and astronomy links directly to the A Level Physics syllabus, inspiring more girls to study physics beyond GCSE. The supra-curricula activities conducted as a part of the project, such as building rovers in DT widen the educational experience of girls and enable them to see the real-life applications !
of their learning.

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy

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