31 January contact to school in Arkansas (USA) !

January 31 at 16:42 UTC first contact of the 2018 team of the IK1SLD team and HamTv Ground Station will operate the connection between the school "Central Magnet Math & Science" of Batesville, Arkansas (USA)

with astronaut Joe Acaba KE5DAR; the callsign for the ISS will be OR4ISS.

The connection will be audible throughout northern Italy and can be followed on the usual frequency 145.800 MHz (ONLY RX not contact the ISS !!! )

The passage of the ISS will be clearly visible to the naked eye, estimated magnitude -2.4. Beginning 17:42 239 ° SW, maximum elevation 17:47 89 ° deg 223 ° SW, term 17:52 62 ° ENE.

So in Arkansas - USA but contact in Telebridge and audible here in EUROPE, good!

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy

31 Gennaio alle ore 17:42:05 local) primo contatto del 2018 del team di IK1SLD e HamTv Ground Station opererà il collegamento tra la scuola “Central Magnet Math & Science” di Batesville, Arkansas (USA)

con l'astronauta Joe Acaba KE5DAR; il callsign per la ISS sarà OR4ISS.

Il collegamento sarà udibile in tutto il nord Italia e si potrà seguire sulla solita frequenza 145.800 MHz (SOLO ascolto non chiamate !!! ).

Il passaggio della ISS sarà ben visibile ad occhio nudo, magnitudo stimata -2,4. Inizio 17:42 239°SW, massima elevazione 17:47 89°deg 223°SW, termine 17:52 62°ENE.

Quindi in Arkansas - USA ma contatto in Telebridge e udibile qui da noi , bene !

73 de IW2BSF – Rudy

IW2BSF – Sun, 2018 – 01 – 28 06:46

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