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A real good Antenna would be a 2 meter Quad, and a 70cm quad both will work well. For 2 meter quad use a 21-1/4" element length that is 5.28" per side. This is the reflector on a 1/2 diam. boom. The Driven element will be 20 1/2" (5.125)" and the director 1 will be 5.031" and director 2 will be 5.031" per each side. The length of the boom will depend of the tightness of the beam received and transmit pattern . Typical length would be 4 to 6 feet. You can adjust the spacing as to your desire. And the Same principle for 70 cm . Put them up once to tested them with the Antenna analyzer. If you only have a plain rota-tor just set elevation to about 30 degrees. Keep Two meter beam and 70cm beam apart by at least 10 feet. Enjoy 73s AA8WK

Walter Kernaich – Wed, 2017 – 12 – 20 21:09

Hi..i would like to add the

Hi..i would like to add the 4-bay should have the same basic horizontal pattern of the 2-bay but with a more squished vertical pattern at the horizon. If the new antenna is pointing in the exact same spot it should not loose any coverage off to the sides and if anything it should be better.

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