19 December 2017 on ISS the new crew Expedition #54 !

SOYUZ ARRIVED! Docking occurred at 08:39 UTC on Tuesday, December 19th.

With the return of Paul with the Soyuz MS-05 and now with the arrival of the Soyuz MS-07 we have on board

Anton Nikolaevič Škaplerov, (a military and third Russian commander of Soyuz) Norishige Kanai (40 years old doctor and Japanese) and Scott Tingle (former pilot of the American navy) belonging to the new Crew # 54.

Soyuz MS-07, is the 136th flight of a Soyuz spacecraft!

Only three and a half hours after the Soyuz MS-07 had been launched, the DRAGON SpaceX cargo was launched last Sunday, loaded with 2,205 kilograms of scientific experiments and various supplies. This party is not from Russia but from Florida and totally robotized.

the crew will return in June 2018 after 168 days. During their mandate on the ISS, the crew will have a busy schedule of appointments, currently waiting to support over 300 scientific studies, supervising four arrivals of visiting vehicles.

The EVA will start in January with a 2 American releases to replace the second Latching End Effector on the Canadian robotic arm Canadarm2. It was 18 meters long and had a replacement last October.

Followed by a Russian EVA at the beginning of February and up to 4 EVA per May - three excursions for various tasks, including camera installations and the transfer of large external spare parts, and a Russian EVA to start the fitting process in the Russian segment to receive the MLM Nauka with expected launch date (after more than a decade of delays!) set for 20 December 2018.

So lots of stuff, what about good job guys! We here on earth always trust to find "finally" an OM astronaut who speaks with us, hi.

73 de IW2BSF - Rudy

IW2BSF – Tue, 2017 – 12 – 19 14:01

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