2 - 3 September Special Event to remember the russian SPUTNIK !

Sputnik1 returns to pass after 60 years!

Thanks to the radio amateurs of La Spezia
regarding the commemoration of the first listening to Sputnik1 on 2 and
3 September 2017.

Interesting is the connection with Nespoli from ISS and Giovanni Judica
Cordillas first OM who listened to satellite signals,
theoretically, we too could hear Nespoli responding to John.

You can listen to the Sputnik1 signal and receive the qsl,

I send the link with frequencies and reception times


A special amateur station for OM / SWL with call sign ii1mir will be realized. Already set up at the Radio Museum of Claudio Gilardenghi at Cittadella in Alessandria by AIRE Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta is the replica of the Judges Cordella Brothers station mentioned as Torre Bert.

The vicesonsole dr. Elena Zakharevich received the delegation composed by Bruno Lusuriello ik1vhx, Ivan Greco iw1rfh, Stefano Durastanti ik1bsx, Angelo Sinisi, Vinicio Ceccarini.

At the event Giovanni Judica Cordiglia (85) will be listening to Cittadella and Giuseppe Biagi at Tavarone (the nephew of the legendary telegraphist of the Red Curtain saved by Krasin in 1928 at the North Pole).

Giovanni Judica Cordiglia will personally debut the Sputnik 1 signals on the 15 meter band (21 MHz of short waves as it was for the real Satellite operating even on 40 MHz). Transceivers will be placed in that of Tavarone (locator: JN44SH55wi). Multi-operator HF stations will hold QSO contacts in the world in various ways and on every band of Radio to give resonance to the event.

The event is promoted by the Associations A.I.R.E. Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta (Italian Radio Association of Epoca) - U.R.I. (Italian Radio Amateur Union) - AIR (Italian Radio-Listening Association) - A.R.I. (Italian Radio Amateur Association).

We are delighted to present this reminiscent historical event that is to be remembered with the Special Call: II1MIR (MIR in Peace and Remembering the 1st Soviet Space Station) the launch of the first Artificial Satellite in the History of Humanity.

The event will take place on Saturday 2 September 2017, the day of the inauguration with the presence of the Vice President of the Liguria Russia Association Angelo Sinisi and the viceonsole dr. Elena Zakharevich. September 3 will be the closing day of the event. On the occasion, a small exhibition is planned at the Biblioteca former Scuola di Tavarone of the Radio of the era to retrace the evolution of the Radio from the times of Marconi to October 4, 1957 including a point of 1928 with the apparatus used by grandfather of Pino Biagi.

Every detail is visible in updating to the website:


where are described how to participate as OM and SWL to exchange QSL ONLY via e-mail and receive the pdf Diploma in memory of listening. If it is feasible with the visibility and acquisition of the NA1ISS International Space Station on September 2,

we will make a greeting between Giovanni Judica Cordiglia and astronaut Paolo Nespoli from a dedicated VHF-UHF satellite station located in Cittadella in Alexandria by A.R.I.

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73 de IW2BSF - Rudy

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