17 august NOW 5 nano-satellites in orbit by ISS !

From the ISS now there are 5 nano-satellites in ORBIT!

August 17, thanks to EVA of Russian cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergey Ryazanskiy, who released them from the International Space Station during their longtime extravagant activity.

The first to be launched was the TOMSK-TPU-120 satellite, which will allow to study the orbital reaction of 3D printed materials such as that of which it is composed of its supporting structure.

Then it was the turn of the two Tanyusha SWSU satellites, which will test the algorithms for a future constellation of self-organizing satellites.

Few seconds ago, TNS-0 number 2 was launched, which will try different technological solutions for future nano-satellites for scientific research and communications.

Finally, the TS-530 Zerkalo was launched, a ball of 13 pounds that will measure the density of the atmosphere.

Onboard the nano-satellites too many symbols of meaning, such as recording greetings from Earth in 11 languages.

During the walk (about 16:45 local time), with a projected time of about 6 hours, samples from some outside points of the Russian segment of the station were also collected and maintenance work was carried out, installing a handrail and a pillar that will make it easier Future walks.

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