ISS/AO-51 Disaster aid.

Has there been any discussion about using the radio facilities on board the ISS to assist in comms with the areas devestated by the tsunami as they have configured AO-51? I'm just curious.

kc9eci – Fri, 2004 – 12 – 31 15:44

AO-51 Configured for Earthquake/Tsunami Support

In an effort to lend any assistance possible to the Earthquake/Tsunami
disaster area, AO-51 will be will be configured and opened for use as a
store and forward message satellite for those in the disaster area.
Therefore the current schedule for AO-51 has been cancelled.
The planned mode change to the FM Repeater in high power will not occur.

AO-51 will be reconfigured at approximately 0305 UTC on 30 DEC 2004 to operate as a Store and Forward PBBS. The PBBS will still be open to general amateur use, but amateur operators should be ready to cease BBS operations at any moment, when we start to receive message traffic. We ask that all unattended PBBS operation stop until further notice. AO-51 PBBS users may be requested to help download and forward messages. More information about how amateur operators can help will be forthcoming.

The FM repeater (Downlink 435.300 Mhz, Uplink 145.920 MHz) will be turned off to allow maximum power to be used on the PBBS downlink.

The configuration for AO-51 PBBS will be:
Downlink: 435.150 MHz, FM 9600 baud PacSat BroadCast Protocol (PBBS)
Uplink: 145.860 MHz FM, 9600 baud PacSat BroadCast Protocol (PBBS)

Anyone that can help contact those in the disaster area and inform them of the Satellite resource is encouraged to do so. Should another configuration of AO-51 be identified as providing more benefit to those in the disaster area, AMSAT will adjust AO-51's operating mode accordingly.

Amsat and the Echo Command Team appreciate your help and understanding as we try and lend assistance.

Mike Kingery
Echo Command Team
Amsat VP Opeations




Submitted by PY4MAB on Fri, 2004-12-31 19:03.

No formal discussion but anyone is welcome to upload Health and Welfare traffic to the BBS so others can download and forward. Drawback being the same as with AO-51. ISS is only in range for less than 10 minutes at a time for 4-6 passes a day.

Ascending passes are around 1400 UTC and decending passes are around 0000 UTC for that region.

Submitted by N5VHO on Sat, 2005-01-01 00:07.

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