May 2017 : QB50 CubeSats to deploy from ISS !

QB50 CubeSats to deploy from ISS

The first phase of QB50 CubeSats should be deployed from the International Space Station over three days May 16-18

Built by student groups from 23 countries around the world the QB50 constellation aims to study the lower thermosphere 200-380 km above the Earth.

There are 28 QB50 CubeSats on the ISS awaiting deployment and it is understood that 11 will be deployed in this first phase. The beacons should be activated about 30 minutes after deployment.

The QB50 CubeSats have downlinks between 435.8 and 438 MHz and reports from radio amateurs are most welcome. Beacon data received can be uploaded to a dedicated QB50 webpage at

List of QB50 CubeSats with Beacon format and frequency information

QB50 project

On the deployment days radio amateurs and QB50 teams will be on the #CubeSat IRC channel at

On June 19, 2014 two precursor QB50 CubeSats were launched, QB50p1 and QB50p2, which carried amateur radio transponders

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