HamTV test next 25-28 april !

HamTV News from ISS

Live HAMTV France April 25-28

Daniel Cussen reported on the HamTV@yahoogroups list that there may be live HAMTV over France and Europe during the time period of April 25-28.
The date of a school contact is not yet set but it will be a daytime pass.

Audio may be on new VHF handheld not UHF.

ARISS expects have more definite news late next week.

HamVideo operational status aboard the ISS can be found at:

Ham Video downlink frequencies:
+ 2369 MHz
+ 2395 MHz
+ 2422 MHz
+ 2437 MHz
DVB-S modulation; Symbol rates: 1.3 Ms/s and 2.0 Ms/s
FEC : 1/2; NTSC format (SIF: 352×240 or D1:720×480)

New Hardware and Software Release for HamTV Reception from ISS

On board the ISS Columbus module, the HamVideo transmitter is fully operational and provides permanent DATV signals,
allowing ground stations to fine tune their receiving equipment.

When possible, ARISS school contacts are enhanced by crew operated HamTV.

The demand for a dedicated HamTV receiver is growing.
Jean-Pierre Courjaud F6DZP developed an up-to-date receiver and wrote special software for HamTV.
He dubbed the receiver TuTiouner and the software.
Tutioune (phonetic French transcript for “You tune”).

Components for the TuTioune receiver are for sale at the BATC shop (British Amateur Television Club). See:

The software is available for free at:

Full details, including schematics, are provided on the HamTV home page: http://www.amsat-on.be/hamtv-summary/

Occasionally, the HamVideo transmitter must be powered down, for several reasons.
The status of the transmitter is published on the amasat-on.be webpage.

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