proper beaconing ? help

hi guys , i have just started to set up for aprs on iss , i have been on rx only for a while now , i have notest some stations showing up on all iss passes , my qustion is do they becon all day long at 1 min itervuls or do they have softwhere that only becons when the iss is in there horizon ,, i am using UISS SOFTWHERE and i dont see a setting that sets it to only send when the iss is in view ,,, :?: , or is it ok to just send all the time at 1 to 5 mins ,,, thanks for any help on this matter ,,, jim ,k6mox

K6MOX – Thu, 2004 – 10 – 21 18:41


in this link you understanding about iss aprs system.

mauricio beraldo pu4mab
brazil :wink:

Submitted by PY4MAB on Thu, 2004-10-21 19:06.

proper beaconing ,cont.

hi again , i have seen the link you noted , i guess i was wanting to ask WA6LIE about his settings on beaconing , hi scott , this is jim k6mox,, i have made it thru the iss on aprs now , and even sent a email to a budy in new zealand ,, but i did set it to beacon about every 2 .5 mins ,, but i feel like i sould only send when the iss is in my hoizon ,, but i dont see a setting in UISS program to do this ,,, what do you set yours to ,, im also only using a icom HT , 5 watts ,, i dont want to have any unnesisary TXing to much qrm
what do you sugjest ,,, thanks

Submitted by K6MOX on Fri, 2004-10-22 18:32.

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