Record of the School Contact between Shane Kimbrough and the Council of State Science Supervisors, Los Angeles at Wed. 2017-03-29 18:03:38 UTC

We had a really perfect record of this School Contact from Berlin Germany, because it was managed via the Italian groundstation IK1SLD.
We were on a small hill in Berlin and used a hand-guided circular polarised X-Quad antenna and a yaesu FT857.
The first minute of this Video gives an impression:
In the audiofile you can hear Shanes answers to the pupils questions No 4 to 20 listed below.

73 55
DD6SW DL8CY DL1RBC (formerly DO1RBC)

4. Jaliah: In Science class we are learning about germs and how fast they can spread. Do germs multiply as fast in space as they do on Earth?
5. Ariana: Is there something in space that you did, that you will never forget?
6. Edwin: Were you afraid to go to space?
7. Noelia: Is there a problem with space junk? If so how severe is it?
8. Edgar: What is your purpose for being in space today?
9. Trinity: We know that in space there is zero gravity. What is the proper procedure for eating in space so that your liquids or food does not float away or damage any equipment?
10. Daiana: What activity do you like doing the most while in space and why?
11. Princess: How hard is it for you to settle in space, leave your family, and communicate with them?
12. Cassidy: How long does it take to become a professional astronaut?
13. Kaitlyn: We recently read your biography and noticed that you accomplished so much here on Earth. Can you tell us how your achievements on Earth help you complete your missions on the International Space Station?
14. Su’Ron: Have any of the solar panels on the ISS been damaged by space debris? If so, please tell me how you were able to repair it.
15. Eric: If you were stuck in space, what are the 5 most important things you would need to survive? Explain why.
16. Jaliah: I read that you are very athletic. Have you found any new health problem besides, the weakening of muscles, while living on the International Space Station?
17. Ariana: What was the most important/amazing/beautiful thing in space you ever saw?
18. Edwin: Have you seen anything in space that scared you or confused you?
19. Noelia: Which planets (other than Earth) do you see most often as you are orbiting in the ISS? Do you have a favorite planet? Why is it your
20. Edgar: What is the longest time you have been in space?

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