Packet Online.??

Hi All..

When will Packet be turn on again.???

Regard Alex / OZ2AFY

OZ2AFY – Tue, 2004 – 10 – 12 21:12

Packet should return to operational status no later than Oct 19. It may occur earlier depending on crew operations but a school contact is planned for that date and the plan is to switch to packet after that contact.

Kenneth - N5VHO

Submitted by alain on Wed, 2004-10-13 09:13.

packet is active here USA as of 238am CDT october 27, 2004 :lol:

Submitted by kb0zuu on Wed, 2004-10-27 03:55.

Leroy was able to check the radio before he got busy with his work day and fixed the problem. Thank you Leroy for getting the radio up and running.

Submitted by N5VHO on Wed, 2004-10-27 09:36.

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