APRS to ISS via APRSdroid

OK, so I have been reading a few of the forum entries here and I think I have what I need put together for the most part, but I still have a question or two.

I want to try to do a couple of things, one I would like to send a location packet to the the ISS, and two I would like to attempt a CQ.

I plan to use one of my Baofeng HT's connected to a mobillinkd TNC and my phone running APRSdroid. I have used this setup many times for local APRS and it works great. What I need to make certain I understand is how to set it and operate it when trying to use the ISS digipeater.

First thing I did was change my Digi path from WIDE1-1 to ARISS.
I also set 5 channels on my HT's to compensate for doppler as suggested in some documentation I have found, centered around the UHF frequency of 437.550. Does this all sound correct?

Now to send a CQ request do I simply go into "Messages" on APRSdroid and create a message to "CQ"? A lot of the directions I see tell you to send set your "UNPROTO" line but there is no such setting in APRSdroid (directly anyway) that I know of. As far as sending a location message I should send one or two just by default but I will try to hit my "1 shot" button a time or two during the pass to be certain.

Lastly I am wondering should I be turning off my squelch for receive? For around town I can generally run APRS no problem with my squelch on, I usually keep it pretty low. I didn't know if I should turn it off for SAT work.

So, in summary, do my settings seem right? Am I guessing correctly on how to operate? Any other hints/suggestions?


dschieszer – Thu, 2017 – 02 – 16 18:15

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So sorry that no one has responded to your question. Hopefully you've figured out your issues and have made successful contacts/QSOs.

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