Any word on the repair of the Packet Digipeater?

Any hope of/or word on the repair or a fix for the Packet Digipeater on the ISS ?

Didn't the Kenwood radio they used before, have the packet built in ? Could they use that one again, or did thy get rid of that radio ?

Just wondering, the ISS is too quiet down here without packet.. hi

wb3fkp – Tue, 2016 – 11 – 01 09:03

Packet Digi now UHF

Due to the failure of the VHF radio in the Columbus module the packet system on 145.825 is not possible. The crew just swapped the radio for the UHF equivalent and packet is now operational on 437.550 MHz.

The Kenwood D700 radios were augmented a couple years ago by a Kenwood D710E radio that was dedicated to SSTV operations. The Russian team soon afterwards adopted the D710E as their only operational radio but it was never configured for packet operations.

The ARISS team is working on flying replacement D710GA models to replace and unify all the hardware. Target for delivery is late 2017.

Submitted by N5VHO on Tue, 2016-11-01 17:14.

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