ISS Packet Radio not heard..Oct 15, 2016

ISS Packet Radio not heard...Oct 15, 2016...North Alabama, USA Is the repeater not working??

KM4AGR – Sat, 2016 – 10 – 15 20:35

anymore news

Any update on what the problem is with the Digi? or when it will be back up and running?

Submitted by emtchunks on Tue, 2016-10-18 21:30.

Re:anymore news

ISS Columbus ham radio HT inoperative. (posted 21 Oct 2016 on Amsat UK website.)

The Ericsson VHF handheld transceiver in the ISS Columbus module which is used for amateur radio voice contacts on 145.800 MHz and the packet radio digipeater on 145.825 MHz is unusable.

The VHF handheld radio model that has been used by the ARISS program to connect students worldwide with astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) for over 16 years has given an error message and is unusable at this time.

While the ARISS technical team evaluates the best path to restore operation from the Columbus module, ARISS contacts will be supported using the Kenwood radio in the Russian Service Module. During this period, the packet digipeater will be unavailable.

Switching to the 70 cm radio capability on board the Columbus module for some operations is being coordinated. Expect further updates as we work to resolve this problem.

Dave Taylor W8AAS has posted the following information on the AMSAT Bulletin Board:

ARISS is actively working on a new Interoperable Radio System for ISS. The primary components are a modified Kenwood D710GA radio and a custom ARISS-designed power supply. The radio is complete except for final programming and NASA testing and certification. The power supply design is in final stages and a hardware prototype has been built. It will power existing and anticipated ARISS equipment.

The radio by itself is useless without the power supply (the radio needs 13.8 VDC, the ISS provides 120 VDC in the US segment and 28 VDC in the Russian segment). The power supply will allow ham radio equipment to be used anywhere on ISS.

The goal is to have this new system aboard ISS about 1 year from now. This assumes that ARISS can raise the remaining funds needed and that no delays occur in NASA testing and certification of the entire system. The new radio system will give ISS a strong 25-watt signal on voice and packet, and is planned to support a variety of operating modes.

This system was discussed in presentations at last year’s AMSAT Symposium and you can find details in the 2015 Proceedings. I haven’t seen a schedule, but I expect there will be updates at the Symposium next month

Submitted by G7HCE on Mon, 2016-10-24 17:47.

APRS radio not working

The APRS radio on the ISS is not working. Ground team is working to determine root cause.

Submitted by N5VHO on Mon, 2016-10-17 12:55.

ISS APRS not heard

Good Question. I just checked the website raw data listing and didn't see any entries for thim since 12 October ...
On the other side, an Antares supply ship is supposed to launch from Virginia at 2003 EDT today (16 Oct) and they may have their equipment turned off while preparing for its arrival.

Just my thoughts ... Unfortunately, the ARISS website doesn't offer a lot of info on their status for us eager hams waiting for that contact. But I'll keep looking and post my results (if any ...) .

Additional note: I just checked the website and found this entry:

"as of 10/13/2016

Columbus Module radios:
Ericsson VHF- Operational for scheduled contacts. Packet mode is currently operational.
Ericsson UHF-Stowed
HamTV - Transmitting blank images when its power supply is not in use for other research projects. Will be powered down for Orbital (OA-5) launch./berthing. Currently planned to be powered down 8:30 UTC on Oct 19 and be back on at 17:10 UTC.
​All radios are scheduled for power down on Oct. 21 for Soyuz docking at 7:45 UTC, to be powered on at 14:30 UTC."

They also mentioned to go to the ISS Fan Club website for more information.....



Submitted by DA1VF_WD8DUP on Sun, 2016-10-16 08:43.

Re:ISS APRS not heard

They might keep radios turned off a few days more whilst changing of crews.
19.10.2016 Soyuz MS-02 ISS-CDR USA Kimbrough, Robert
19.10.2016 Soyuz MS-02 Flight Engineer Russian Federation Borisenko, Andrei
19.10.2016 Soyuz MS-02 Flight Engineer Russian Federation Ryzhikov, Sergei

Submitted by G7HCE on Sun, 2016-10-16 16:59.

iss packet activity

today 10/28/2016 while at nearly right over head pass 409 pm central time ) Lincoln nebraska, i heard on 145.825 a dips in the static level, but that could be local interference..

Submitted by kb0zuu on Fri, 2016-10-28 17:09.

Re: iss packet activity

PSAT (NO-84) still transmits APRS beacons while it's currently turned off and is on the same 145.825 frequency and sometimes heard as it overlaps the ISS footprint with a weaker signal.

Submitted by G7HCE on Mon, 2016-10-31 10:52.

ISS Digipeater on 437.550

Listned last night as the ISS flew direct over head but heard noth8ng at all. Is it operating at the moment as this is the second pass i have tried with no sign of it?

Submitted by Crispin Wheatle... on Wed, 2017-01-25 13:46.

ISS Digipeater on 437.550

Listned last night as the ISS flew direct over head but heard noth8ng at all. Is it operating at the moment as this is the second pass i have tried with no sign of it?

Submitted by Crispin Wheatle... on Wed, 2017-01-25 08:53.

Digi Working on 437.550

Seems it was heard over Japan on Jan 25 at 10:06 UTC according to
20170125100640 : RS0ISS]CQ,qAS,JJ1WTK-6:]ARISS - International Space Station

Submitted by N5VHO on Wed, 2017-01-25 13:34.

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