Help with Antenna for RX ISS

Hello friends, I have had problems when connecting me with the iss in packet, when I am connected, I lose the sign and then it returns, I stop the tnc it disconnects me. I have an antenna dualbander omnidireccional to 10 mtr of height.

Does somebody know about an antenna for satellites, better than which I possess?

Ahead of time thank you for the help

ce4lnm – Wed, 2003 – 12 – 31 07:48

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

Are you sure you completely loose the signal? Are you monitoring the unproto window?
Being disconnected doesnt always mean loosing the signal.

Submitted by iz6byy on Mon, 2003-12-29 10:31.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

indeed the so much low sign that the tnc is not layers of decoding the plot, I use the sound card emulating the tnc with the progrma AGW and the UISS to connect me.
For what I read the sign of the ISS it changes phase 4 times in a pass and I believe that that it is for this reason the lost of sign that I have, when not being able to receive the reception confirmation the program it disconnects me without being able to give the message to the PMS.

I believe that I have to look for an antenna for satellites LEO of easy construction.

thank you for any help.

Submitted by ce4lnm on Mon, 2003-12-29 13:03.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

It sounds as if you have a vertical antenna with some decent db gain. That will be fine for a shallow angle pass but if the pass is very high (greater than 45 degrees) then you are listening in the null zone of your antenna.

Possible solutions.
Get a tracking beam antenna.
Get an eggbeater style antenna.
Try a 1/4 with a ground plane. This is the cheapest but it will still have a null area, just not as much as a gain vertical.

Good Luck,
Kenneth - N5VHO[ This message was edited by: N5VHO on 29-12-2003 18:19 ]

Submitted by N5VHO on Mon, 2003-12-29 13:16.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

Hallo all, an antenna dualbander omnidireccional are have not to mach gain to old the contackt
whit the ISS PMS.

For short distance approx. 800 km can be used these, however, for the
normal aprs digi.
When ax25 the contoler of the ISS packet system the indicator no longer
receives after a number of to recurrences then givesautomatically disconect.And you lose the contackt with the ISS (gives dm)
Recommendation for use antenna, will use beam for the connecten of the
PMS centre.
Still it is more beautiful the use of a combination of two bream
ALso the best change to Switss between horizon and vertiaal polarisation.
I myself use 2mcp22 of M2.
Ca 12.5 db...
ALso Cirulare to use.

Capacity of approx. 10 to 25 sends Watt is then largely sufficient for
good result.

73 de pe2jmr

Submitted by pe2jmr on Mon, 2003-12-29 13:24.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

I´m using three different antennas.

- Diamond X-50
- Diamond X-200
- Turnstile

X-200 is very good at low elevation.
X-50 and Turnstile are great for higher elevation!
And I never had a problem connecting to ISS.
Using just 5W!

BTW., same to PCsat.

Steffen (DO4OSS)

Submitted by DO4OSS on Mon, 2003-12-29 19:22.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

Hello to all,
Thank you for the information on the antenna, the one that I have has 6 Db in VHF, but the problem should be like they say the dead points of the antenna.

And listened of the antenna crossed dupolos for the reception of polar satellites, this it will be good for the ISS?. As for the eggbeater and the Turnstile, where they can be the planes to build one?

Thank you for the answer and happy new year

Marcelo (CE4LNM)

Submitted by ce4lnm on Tue, 2003-12-30 10:26.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

my Turnstile is a comercial product, sold here in Germany by one of the major HAM equipment seller.

The antenna is quite simply: (scroll down)

The upper radial are at aroudn 45°, the radials at the bottom are parallel to the floor.

That´S all I can say - maybe use google for a search.

Happy new year,
Steffen (DO4OSS)

Submitted by DO4OSS on Tue, 2003-12-30 11:55.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

For home made eggbeater and the Turnstile
i have found the nexst Url´s for Info :
Page Title
Page TitlePage Title
Page Title
Page Title

And legio examples for themselves build antennae of this type of eggbeater and the Turnstile.

73 de pe2jmr

Submitted by pe2jmr on Tue, 2003-12-30 16:18.

Help with Antenna for RX ISS

Hi, all
Thank for the URL´s to home breaw to antenna polar polarization, i habe to made one and test the reception the ISS.

Happy new year to all.

MArcelo (CE4LNM)

Submitted by ce4lnm on Wed, 2003-12-31 07:48.

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