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In 7F on Norwegian flight DY641 18.20 from Bergen to Oslo tonight. Norwegian has wifi - and I get FLYOVER ALERT when I turn on after take off. Hei! After a year of tracking you from my garden in Oslo without seeing you, I am very excited. I realize I am on the South side of the plane. You are passing over England. Hei, presto! Can I see you?!? And after a five minute count down, you glide by! Or, more accurately, fly by at 20-25 times the speed the plane is doing. I SAW YOU!!! So happy. You send amazing pictures to me and I love the fact that you can do what I cannot, be up there to show us what a precious planet we live on. I share with passenger next to me, and her work is to promote factual boks in schools, and she did not know about ISS. Until tonight! The Pilot is outside the plane to greet the passengers. He confirmed it was you. Yes, it is beautiful, he said. Going home - Frank Sinatra It had to be you is on repeat in my head. Keep up the good work! Best, Beret

Beret – Wed, 2016 – 02 – 10 17:03

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