31st Dec 2015 Sporadic E from ISS 11.03.50 before pass by London

On the 31st December 2015 listening from 11.03.30 am before ISS was due to pass London at 11.09.03 am Sporadic E data received at 11.03.50, 11.04.14 and 11.04.40 and then at 11.07.46. Data from ISS receieved from 11.08.44 to 11.11.00 am. Noise bursts from 11.11.30 to 11.15.10am. Noise was heard on approach to London on 11.06.12 to 11.07.40. Also from 11.07.50 to 11.08.25 am with gap to 11.08.44 when data stream by normal VHF received. The pass by London on a clear sky day did not permit the ISS to be seen in the sky. The pass demonstrated the leaving signals from 11.09 to 11.11 were longer than the arrival period from 11.08.44 by normal line of sight VHF.

The Sporadic E from the ionospher which reaches from 31 miles to 620 miles the latter above the height of the ISS. The path of the Sporadic E is not known from ISS to Sporadic reflections to ground receiving station. Sporadic E from across Atlantic transmissions is known and is unpredictable. Today at noon the sky was clear at 11 am and is lightly cloudy at noon and the weather is nippy.

It is hoped that the students to speak with the ISS in the next two months can discuss these propagation experiences with the Crew of ISS and their teachers.

73s for 2016
M0TCE London UK

Chris Eaglen – Thu, 2015 – 12 – 31 07:54

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