Good data period but shorter distance on surface than better pass of 30th December 2015 at 145.825Mz FM

From 9.25am to 9.29.45 only bursts of noise. During ISS London pass:

31 Dec 09:29:33 10° SW 09:32:43 50°SSE 09:35:54 10° E
Data detected from Vannes French Coast to Gressen Germany 560 miles. Detector station 300 miles from Vannes and 410 miles from Gressen Germany. ISS travelled by Paris through Luxembourg and tip of Belgium into Germanty pasing near Frankfurt. Data detected across 368 miles from orbit to Earth surface of 295 miles until 465 miles from orbit to Earth surface 410 miles. This demonstrates the longer range detection from the ISS travelling away from the receiver than towards the receiver by 170 miles. Better data quality from 9.32am to 9.34.10 am. On approach to receiver one minute twenty seconds 9.30.20 to 9.31.40 with burbling as data starting to emerge in the noise. Not the same effect as ISS moving out of range over Germany at 9.34.16 only occasional short data periods.

73s for 2016
M0TCE London UK

Chris Eaglen – Thu, 2015 – 12 – 31 06:20

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