Distant pass 780 Miles NW to SE over Spain reduced data window

On the 30th December the ISS data packet transmissions was listened for from 15.11 to 15.19 at 780 Miles from London. The 10 degrees above horizon window was three minutes from 15.13 to 15.15.30. Listening was on 145.825. The period 15.11 to 15.13.40 was noise only at the time of data packets. There was some data discrimination from 15.13.40 through least distance perpendicular to the pass at 15.14. Some reception was determined to 15.16. After 15.16 to 15.19 mainly squelch noise and no data discernable.

The listening on the 30th December 2015 demonstrated the very narrow data receipt time windows require reviews to determine the clarity of reception relative to pass position and orientation as well as line of sight to the ISS antenna position and the exposure of the ground antenna. This was a vertical antenna for the 30th December. The better reception was for the ISS to the South of the radio and antenna not overhead.

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M0TCE London UK

Chris Eaglen – Wed, 2015 – 12 – 30 11:47

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