Direct overpass of London was poorer data reception than pass to the South of London

From 11.58 am to 12.08 there was squelch generation with the packets and the packets of data where undetectable. Frequency 145.825 FM 30th December 2015.

From 11.59.30 some data detection in combined squelch noise and data content increasingly detected. The evidence of data content was to 12.03.45 but not as clear as earlier in the morning when transit was to the South of London.

Whilst evidence of data transmission received as squlech noise continued to 12.08 the periods became shorter.

The better data was towards 12.02 to 12.03. This is was on passing the radio antenna site.

Suggests transmission unit on ISS is on the north side of the ISS and better on passing than approach.

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M0TCE London UK

Chris Eaglen – Wed, 2015 – 12 – 30 08:25

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