2015-10-23 17:58:48 UTC West Michigan Aviation Academy, Grand Rapids, MI with Kimiya Yui KG5BPH

West Michigan Aviation Academy, Grand Rapids, MI, direct via W8ISS

Proposed questions generated by the scheduled astronaut is Kimiya Yui KG5BPH
Contact was successful: Fri 2015-10-23 17:58:48 UTC 49 deg (***)
Congratulations to the West Michigan Aviation Academy students and Kimiya! (***)

Proposed questions generated by the West Michigan Aviation Academy students:

I was able to record some of the transmission from ISS starting around question 3.

1. What courses did you take in high school that you find most relevant to your work at the International Space Station?
2. Are you planning on expanding the size of the ISS, if so then when do you plan on starting the constructing?
3. So far during the twin study, what research has been recorded since Scott Kelly was sent up to the station?
4. What do you think of the liquid water on Mars? Do you think it would make it possible to colonize it earlier?
5. Waking up in space every day and seeing earth out your window, how has seeing this and having this opportunity changed your perspective on life?
6. "Concerning the twin study, in order to remove variables from the research on gut organisms, will the twins have the exact same diet during the space mission?"
7. Could you use a gyroscopic space station to simulate gravity so the astronauts can still maintain balance and bone strength?
8. What are the ways you blend your culture with the other cultures surrounding you at the station?
9. Do you always have enough food? If not, how is more food sent to you?
10. Being confined in that small area so far away from others, do you guys ever feel lonely? How are the group dynamics?
11. How does space positively or negatively affect your health?
12. What is the daily checklist for astronauts, in terms of safety inspections, instrument tuning, and/or incoming information?
13. What types of plants do you grow to study and what are the main differences between their growth in space and on earth?
14. What kind of emotional impact do you feel being selected out of thousands of scientists to be one of the few humans to venture into outer space?
15. Does zero gravity affect your dreams?
16. I understand most astronauts stay in space for approximately six months, do you feel that astronauts should be kept in space for this long or should it be longer such as Russian astronauts who have been known to stay for a year?
17. In your opinion, do you think that commercial rocket companies such as SpaceX will help the space industry by exploring new realms of our solar system, or will the cheaper, reusable rockets hurt the industry by causing a fatal accident?
18. Does Scott Kelly have to do anything different while in space to gather data for the identical twin/effects of space study?
19. What does a lunar eclipse look like up at the space station?
20. How does having women on the ISS impact the mission?

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