Hello from Argentina!!!

Hi Friends:

My name is Leo, I´m From Buenos Aires Argentina.
I´m Radio Amateur licenced to LU4DLP.
I need know when call to Americas the iss, to possible contact.
I´m 20 years old and love the radio.

Byes, Greetings, Leo*

lu4dlp – Fri, 2003 – 01 – 03 11:02

Hello from Argentina!!!

Hi Leo
My name is Marcelo, CE4LNM, i too waiting for calling of ISS over South America.
God willing it is then and that they don´t forget us.

greetings for you and yours 73´s and Dx´s


Submitted by ce4lnm on Tue, 2002-12-17 07:07.

Hello from Argentina!!!

Hi Leo and Marcelo,

I want to know also any sched for ARISS to
South America. PSE for any info my e-mail
is: py2zx@50mhz.com

Happy New Year and congratulations for this
great site and Fan Club !

Ark, PY2ZX
Jundiaí - S. Paulo - Brazil

Submitted by alain on Mon, 2002-12-30 01:51.

Hello from Argentina!!!

Try checking NASA at http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/tracking/
You can get a visual view there of the next three passes. From the links on that page you can also run predictions for your exact location

73 - Tim

Submitted by ve3tzs on Wed, 2003-01-01 08:56.

Hello from Argentina!!!

G´day folks, I reckon you fire up your favourite orbital tracking program, print out or take note of your ISS pass times and be ready for anything. I was set up for packet the other day and ended up with a voice QSO just because they had the day off and felt like it. I didn´t have my tape recorder handy, no blank tapes for cooee and to top it off, I forgot to ask the NA1SS op his name. Don´t do a Kevin. Be prepared for anything at anytime.
My excuse, I was awfully excited.
Good luck with your endeavours folks.
Kevin Forbes VK3UKF

Submitted by VK3UKF on Fri, 2003-01-03 11:02.

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