uncomplete qso´s

I´ve been hearing the voice activities from ISS regularly and what Valery is doing is absolutely great. Nevertheless I find that sometimes he can´t finish a qso in the normal way, i.e., 73 and QRZ. He replies to a callsign and some seconds later he replies to another one. This, IMHO, it will invite the hams to call without waiting for the operator´s instructions. Maybe Valery should observe this pratique. Only a suggestion.

CT1ETE – Fri, 2002 – 09 – 27 03:21

uncomplete qso´s

I think that the shortness of qso´s is imposed by the system used.
Ariss guys probably wanted to follow mir philosophy of a very simple system wich allows a very large number of users to be part of the game.
Unfortunately there is no way to make normal qso´s on a fm pile up (unless you are the guy who voted for more than 1 KW in the uplink power poll hihi).
There is also no way to prevent a good 80% of data loss during ax25 pass. (DM flags, packet collisions...)
Comminicating with the ISS is "easy" and "for all", but is also very tricky in well populated areas like europe or usa.

Submitted by iz6byy on Fri, 2002-09-27 03:21.

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