How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performance?

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good enough
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Anonymous – Mon, 2002 – 10 – 07 07:22

It works, mostly, and it's there.

For APRS work ( I use it in outback Oz, no terrestrial repeaters there, and better than HF), it's really good, and Mic-E works best.

For traditional packet... BBS/messaging stuff... it's probably never going to be a good system given the collision problems, and short access times.

5-10 watts is fine if it's a good pass, with a ground plane, works quite well, a yagi even better.

My only complaint is the reliability... not always there .... on again off again, VHF, UHF. and it's the only easily useable APRS repeater up there for the present.

Submitted by VK3KAW on Mon, 2012-07-02 07:19.

Re: It works, mostly, and it's there.

Hello VK3KAW,

Last period the system is not always on because the DC power supply unit
was needed for the air purifier system with the ATV vehicle because
its own system failed (than can happen!).
In the past the ISS kenwood TM-D700 packet system worked long periods, many
months 24 hours 7 days in a week!!!
Packet was only temporary off for an ARISS school contact or
off for safety reason for an docking (or undocking) of a progress or
Soyuz vehicle.
I expect the UHF packet system will be soon operational again.
For the VHF system we have to wait a while till the
ATV vehicle is undocked.

73's Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Tue, 2012-07-03 08:47.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

RS0ISS packet radio system would be awesome if one could upload with a 5 W handheld radio and Arrow antenna. I have tried numerous times to upload APRS data, even when I could see ISS in the sky, but my 5 watts are not enough.

On the other hand, QRP voice operations with ISS are possible. I have had the pleasure to talk to cosmonaut Valery Korzun with a TH-D7 (5 watts). It would be so cool if everybody transmitted QRP to ISS!

Greetings from Canada

Mario, VA2VA

Submitted by VA2VA on Tue, 2002-10-08 05:42.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

Yes Mario, it would be really nice.

Unfortunately plain AX.25 does not handle packet collisions and that is the main reason of failures.

Such a simple system allows a very large number of potential users to be part of the game, but introduces many troubles... Like the one I said before.



Submitted by iz6byy on Thu, 2002-10-10 12:32.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

Mario - try using a Cush Craft Dual Beam 5 Elements each band. Much more gain. I use the HT and the beam for connecting to UO-14 & AO-27. Arthur N1ORC

Submitted by N1ORC on Mon, 2002-10-14 20:10.

You can work on 5 watts easily but settings must be correct

Make certain your settings are correct. ISS should hear you easily on 5 watts. .. make certain your UNP is set correctly.



Submitted by WL7LZ on Tue, 2002-10-15 08:22.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

Thank you to all. Last weekend, on Canadian Thanksgiving, I went to my hometown in Eastern Québec, near Trois-Pistoles. Quite unexpectedly, I succeeded in contacting ISS!! Was it due to a better UNP, or because I was using the same frequency for RX and TX (145.825), or because of that new RS0ISS-1 address?

The experience was again very exciting. I was having dinner with our family and friends. We all went outside to admire the view of ISS passing in the night sky just above our heads. At that same moment, I succeeded many times in receiving and sending data. I just could not believe it! :o)

Greetings from Mario


Submitted by VA2VA on Wed, 2002-10-16 01:04.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

I agree with Mario(va2va) if more people would try qrp maybe us little guys limited to 5 watts could make it through instead of haveing to take a back seat in the pile ups.

Just my thoughts.

73 Doug

Submitted by kc8fks on Sun, 2002-10-20 23:26.

Re: How would you call RS0ISS packet radio system performanc

What gives with ISS packet?? I have been trying all week after setting up the packet system. I have a couple of replies last week when I was testing the system, but nothing now. I look at the web site for reporting ISS packet and I see the last contact was 6 days ago. Someone must of bumped a wire, or forgot to turn it back on.


Submitted by KE6QCV on Mon, 2002-10-21 22:22.

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