fm voice

I am so disappointed . I just found out no more fm voice except school contacts. I just finished building a Eggbeater antenna tuned for iss only. I then decided to build a uhf antenna also and work the repeater only to find out that's also not in use. I'm not into packet so that's out for me.

Any chance fm voice will be used again in the future ?


TallBear – Wed, 2014 – 12 – 31 14:50

fm voice

Thanks for all the kind comments. I am planning on building a uhf eggbeater to go with the 2 meter one so I can work the repeater also if it is used later. In the mean time I need to find a list of working voice birds to try and work.


Submitted by TallBear on Sat, 2015-01-17 19:11.

Re: fm voice, eggbeater and working satellites -=K4ECE=-

Hello Ed,

Information about active amateur radio satellites can be found on:

Many satellites have low power so I think the egg beaters will give a dissapointment result.
I would "recommand" you to use yagis!
Maybe you also can find small dualband yagis on one boom (like the arrows antenna).
To save money you can choose for "only" a cheap azimuth rotator and put the
yagis with 35 degrees fixed elevation on a horizontal pipe.

73s Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Sun, 2015-01-18 08:53.

working satellites

PD0RKC Thank you for the sites. on site which satellites function as fm repeaters ? I'm having a hard time deciphering the codes. no cw please , just fm voice.

Submitted by TallBear on Sun, 2015-01-18 16:12.

Re: working satellites -=TallBear=-

Its been a long time that I have worked over the amateur radio satellites.
A lot FM birds died in the past also the popular AO51.
You might try the SO50 that is an FM bird.
67hz tone needed on your TX uplink signal.

73s Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Sun, 2015-01-18 20:06.


I heard SO50 on my hand held today when it was at its highest 45 degrees. I could hear someone but too much static to make him out. But its a start.


Submitted by TallBear on Mon, 2015-01-19 16:32.


hi Ed,

as Cor PD0RKC saying connects it just takes a lot of patience, that remains on board yet 5 months, the former astronaut Palmisano also he made a few QSOs from the ISS! hello and good luck!

best de IW2BSF

the new qso record to italian schools on 9 january 2015 10:14 UTC here:

and the SSTV image collections on 20 december 2014

Submitted by IW2BSF on Mon, 2015-01-12 09:36.

Crew operational habits (personal preference)

Always a chance...each crew member is different and they do different things in their limited free time. Some take pictures, some do extra exercise or extra experiments, some write, some read or watch movies. Some talk on the amateur radio on the ISS. One never knows which crew will take the extra time to pick up the mic and make a few contacts but some do.

Only a few (rarely all) of the normal compliment of ISS crew members (currently 6) actually have an amateur radio license, of those that have one, fewer use it while on the ISS for personal pleasure.

In the past, we have seen Krikalev, Korzun, Fincke, McArthur, Vinogradov, Garriott, Wheelock and others take time to talk. To date there have been 97 ISS crew members (216 total persons) dock to the ISS. Looks to be less than 10% that show interest enough to play on the radio consistently.

Trying to work an ISS crew member on amateur radio is almost as rare as trying to work Peter Island (3Y) for DXCC.

Submitted by N5VHO on Wed, 2015-01-07 14:52.

Re: FM Voice

I feel your pain. Over the past few years, I spent close to a thousand dollars in antennas, hardware, and radios in an attempt to make a voice contact with the ISS astronauts. To this day my ISS log remains empty. I even wrote, and called, NASA. I spoke to Josh Byerly himself, and others, pleading to send a message up to the current crew of the time, to take a few minutes and talk to the "hams" on earth when they pass over the US were during daylight and evening times. Nothing! Before we get into the responses of the crew is to busy to take time from their science, I'll just tell you all now that I've heard it all...from the NASA representatives I've spoke with on the phone and those that took the time to write me via e-mails. While I understand science is important and the US astronauts are kept busy, is a few times a week really to much to ask, or what about on the weekends when the astronauts are to have off time?

It would appear the days of ham radio activity like Colonel Wheelock provided us is over my friends. I hope this not the case, but since November 2010, it has been. I'm sorry I missed those days, as my equipment was lacking, as was the my knowledge of what was taking place on 145.800/144.490. I certainly hope the multitude of messages of this type, written by myself and many many other "Hams" through out the country, can somehow find there way to the appropriate desk tops, e-mail in boxes, social media accounts, etc., to some how generate ham radio voice communications between the active crews on board ISS and the ham radio operators on earth that are so eager, and have spent countless dollars in equipment and time just to achieve and contact with "The Station"

Loon W3MAT

Submitted by W3MAT on Fri, 2015-01-02 09:18.

Hi Loon, Many of us had the

Hi Loon,

Many of us had the unique opportunity to have a contact with the astronauts over the years. It took patience, perseverance and an astronaut:-) Don't give up and use you station for APRS contacts via the ISS or satellite contacts. There will be a time again where we have astronauts do the "CQ". Also, keep in mind that the crew will use the ham radio equipment on their "free time". This is time taken away from family, friends, relaxation etc. for them. Be patient and it will pay off.

73, Stefan VE4NSA

Submitted by VE4NSA on Wed, 2015-01-07 19:26.

Re: FM Voice -=W3MAT=-

Hello Loon,

Not so long time agoo ISS crew member Reid Wiseman made random voice contatcs during the last USA field day.
And after that event he was also active in voice a couple of times.
I started to follow ISS amateur radio communications in 2003, first there was not much random contacts so I started with aprs-packet.
In 2004 I made my first voice contact with ISS crew member mike Fincke.
From 2004 till now I have worked 9 astronauts, there where periods I was not much active so I missed several chances.
All is a matter of patience and watch voice status reports in issfanclub.
ISS crew use often twitter to communicate with people on earth.
You might use that to do a request.

73s Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Fri, 2015-01-02 11:31.

cor do you have their twitter info

cor do you have their twitter info??
on january 24 they will be directly over head of me and my friends in mercer county pa and we would like to sched a contact.
tnx for any help
73 paul kb1iai

Submitted by KB1IAI on Thu, 2015-01-15 15:23.

Re: cor do you have their twitter info -=KB1IAI=-

Hello Paul,

To avoid dissapointments making a sked via twitter is like winning with 1 lot in the lottery.
Long time agoo when Samantha Cristoforetti was in training for astronaut I have
asked her via twitter if she would do random contacts via amateur radio from ISS.
Her reply was short: I think so.
Now she is in ISS a lot (non hams) twitter messages people send daily to her.
So you must have luck if your tweet will be readed and answered.
And it depends on her interest she is verry busy with her daily work tasks and she like to do other activities in her spare time as
you can see on her twitter page.
You and your friends should send tweets its worth to try but no garentee!!!
Samantha is the only aboard who has a amateur license.
We where lucky with Andre Kuipers and Luca Parmitano in the past they did anounced ham radio activities on their twitter page.
They also replied (from ISS) to a "few" tweets from amateur radio operators,

73s Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Thu, 2015-01-15 16:19.

iss twitter

tnx cor
73 kb1iai

Submitted by KB1IAI on Thu, 2015-01-15 21:31.


Hi ISSFans !

Yesterday 1 february 2015 during the europe passing a very BIG MISTERY !!!

Like in the 1960 years the case of the CORDIGLIA ham radio brothers …. Hi !

In the first pass at 20.55 local time a woman voice sound like a english speak ….

In the second pass at 22:32 local time this woman voice call for two times : “ Samantha”

Here the 2 records add to me in one file mp3 record .

This the complete sequence in time lap seconds:

00:08 at the end the voice say: “united states…(omissis) ….. for you”
00:28 the first: samantha
00:58 the second: samatha
01:11 the voice say : “…..ok europe”

I think is the russian cosmonaut woman abord ISS, but the very big mistery is , why speak in english is is in the russian module for SSTV experiment ? and, why call for two times the name of Samantha (cristoforetti) ?

Best 73 de IW2BSF Rudy

Submitted by IW2BSF on Mon, 2015-02-02 03:52.

yo tambien

I heard something similar in gf25mc Uruguay and local colleagues did not believe I never knew I was.
Submitted by cx5rn on Thu, 2015-02-26 17:45.

Re: big mistery for -=Rudy IW2BSF=-

Hello Rudy,

I have looked on your website but I could not find the audio file.
Where is it?

73s Cor PD0RKC

Submitted by pd0rkc on Mon, 2015-02-02 14:12.


I heard the same voice here in Alabama on two passes.

Submitted by TallBear on Mon, 2015-02-02 12:03.

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