ISS repeater doppler frequencies (easy software for all!).

ISS Amateur Radio

Hello All,

There are several software programs which can
tell you the ISS doppler frequencies, even
without an rig controlled (CAT) transceiver!!!!
For example Hamradio De Luxe (freeware).
Download Hamradio De Luxe (7,5mb).
Download HRD v3.2
Run the setup file and install.
Start the Hamradio De Luxe software and
go to the menu (above):
Tools---->Satellite Tracker (maximize the window!).
Click (above) on the Satellites button.
Now you see 2 windows (on the left), drag the
ISS from the left window to the right window.
Click on the download button (under)be sure
you are connected to internet cause now the
HRD software download keppler data!
Click on observer, enter your locator and
convert (or if you want direct lat&long).
Click on the Ground Control button:
TX: v (select!).
RX: v (select!).


On the right window you see the ISS doppler
Now you can adjust your transceiver(s) -
manualy (by hand) or automatic (CAT).
Even when you do not have a transceiver with
1Khz steps, you can select your transceiver
at 5khz steps (do NOT use 10khz steps or more!).
Please use a full-duplex (or 2) transceiver(s) so
you can listen all the time to the RX downlink
even when you TX!!!!!!

TIP!!! Print this story on paper.

When you have questions let me know in
the issfanclub forum!!!

73's Cor PD0RKC

remember this story have copyrights, keep
it on IFC so I can update (or correct).

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