Where has the predicted pass gone?

I have lost the ability to predict a pass from the ISS on the ISS fan club page. Is it just me or has there been a change made. Please bring it back, I miss it Under the picture of the iss, there used to be a prediction of the next passes, but this appears to have disappeared. I am using windows 7, internet browser 11 and it just isn't there, but if I access the issfanclub page through my ipad, the prediction bit is there.

Am I doing something wrong?

m6wad – Mon, 2014 – 05 – 12 05:36

no predict pass item in the menu

I use firefox quantum 57.0 64 bits browser and windows seven .
I just come bacxk on the site after a few weeks and I can't find the predict pass item in the menu.
Is it a problem with my browser or something else ?

edit : I jusrt update to firefox 57.0.2 (today december 14th) and no change the predict pass is still absent

Submitted by f5sjj on Thu, 2017-12-14 09:40.

Predicted Pass stopped working on Safari

I started visiting https://www.issfanclub.com a few weeks ago using Safari 11.2 on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11.6. I used the Predicted Pass feature a lot.

The Predicted Pass feature was very cool, so I created an account here and logged in from a different Mac (OS X 10.12.6 and Safati 11.2). The Predicted Pass did not show up on that Mac, so I deleted cookies there. That did not help.

On my MacBook I deleted cookies, and now the Predicted Pass no longer shows up. I explored the whole web site; I can't find a magic setting labeled "Enable Predicted Pass". There has been no change in software. It behaves the same way whether I'm logged in or not.

Submitted by Timberwoof on Sat, 2017-12-09 15:36.

Further sleuthing in Chrome

The Chrome developer console points to the problem:
Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.issfanclub.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script 'http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.
2www.issfanclub.com/:50 A parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script, https://ssl.google-analytics.com/ga.js, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this page load, it will be confirmed in a subsequent console message. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5718547946799104 for more details.

In fact, https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js' does work.
I tried to tell Chrome to allow it to load over http on this site, but that did not help.
I cannot tell Safari to do this.
I think the fix is simple: change http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js to https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Submitted by Timberwoof on Thu, 2017-12-14 22:55.

browser java console points to the problem

In Safari I opened the developer tools and the Javascript console. It showed some errors:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: qth
liveMap — tracking.js:49
Global Code — www.issfanclub.com:115
j — util.js:249

(I would have emailed this but there I could not find the webmaster's email address.)

Submitted by Timberwoof on Sat, 2017-12-09 15:56.

Does not appear on my iPad

I have an iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5 and Safari. The predicted passes do not appear.
Firefox on my MacBook Pro doesn't show the map.
Google Chrome on my MacBook Pro shows the map but not the predicted passes.

Submitted by Timberwoof on Sat, 2017-12-09 15:41.

Re: Does not appear on my iPad

It's also been mentioned near bottom of this page that it's not working in Google Chrome as well.

Mine shows predicted passes is fully working in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 only. It's NOT working under Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on both Samsung I7 Laptop and Asus Tablet running Windows 10 and it's also NOT working at all under any browsers in Windows 7 on another pc. Clearly something amiss on this site.?

As can be seen in links below of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 10 and Android ISS Detector



Submitted by G7HCE on Sat, 2017-12-09 18:23.

where has the predicted pass gone

It's the same on my side with ie 8 and ie 11 on different Computers with w7 prof. 64 bit and w7 home 64 bit. It s since ca. 1 week
73 de dd1u

Submitted by dd1uw on Thu, 2014-05-15 16:46.

Internet Explorer

I am guessing the Past Prediction does not work with IE11. Works on my computer with windows visa using IE9 but does not work with the computer with windows 7 with IE11.

Also the Pass Prediction seems to be about 3 minutes faster than my SatPC32

Submitted by K4GDB on Tue, 2014-05-13 19:25.

Predicted Pass

I have noticed that the Pass Prediction feature is not there in Google Chrome as well. IF a site administrator sees this post, please troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Submitted by KF5VZW on Thu, 2014-05-15 08:20.


Thanks to both of you for your comments. I am grateful that it doesn't just seem to be a problem with me, but sad you are experiencing the same problem. Can the webmaster please look into this as the feature is greatly missed

Submitted by m6wad on Thu, 2014-05-15 18:48.

Hello everyone. I have

Hello everyone.
I have noticed there are some problems with IE11. I will fix them asap.
Precision should now be ok again


Submitted by alain on Fri, 2014-05-23 00:49.

Thank you Alain

Many thanks for your reply Alain and I look forward to seeing the predicted pass reappear on internet explorer 11 soon

Submitted by m6wad on Wed, 2014-05-28 19:02.

Sorry for being so slow, but

Sorry for being so slow, but I still cannot manage to install IE11 on an old laptop of mine that runs Windows 7.
I am getting an error (9C59) that is well known. Its incredible that a product like this fails to install with so many people but, it is what it is.
As soon as I will find a IE11 laptop I will try to fix the problem

Submitted by alain on Sun, 2014-06-01 12:56.

Thanks for the fix

Thank you Alain. The "predict a pass" appears to be working again. Very well done my friend

Submitted by m6wad on Sun, 2014-06-01 18:25.

Pass Prediction

The pass prediction is still not working on Google Chrome.

Submitted by dmeche on Sat, 2017-11-18 23:36.

Re:Pass Prediction

It's only working under Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 but not working under Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Submitted by G7HCE on Tue, 2017-11-21 06:15.

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