Maj. Luca Parmitano (NA1SS) - Warren Co. Tech. School, Washington, NJ, USA at 1408 UTC on 04 November 2013

Maj. Luca Parmitano (NA1SS) speaks to students at Warren County Technical School, Washington, NJ, USA at 1408 UTC on 04 November 2013 via KC2WT. He answered the following questions in the recording:

1. Since astronauts have perfect vision, is it known whether there is any effect lack of gravity would have on an astigmatism? Do changes to the pressure on the vitreous humor cause any changes to the eyesight of people with perfect vision?
2. What, if any, changes in mental status can be attributed to the changes in the fluid in the sulci of the brain?
3. Are there any discernible changes to growth patterns by staph or strep bacteria? Do colony sizes or shapes change in extended zero gravity growth?
4. What is the increased rate of kidney stone growth in astronauts and how do they deal with this?
5. If there is a meteor or other space debris headed for the station, how would you assess the threat and is there any way to relocate the station?
6. How do you sleep on station without floating away?
7. What is your least favorite thing about living in space? Is the food terrible?
8. Do your eating and drinking habits change due to lack of a circadian rhythm?
9. How do you shower in space?
10. How long does it take before you become too cold to work outside of the station?"
11. What is the most difficult physical task to perform in space? Why?

He answered additional questions, but I was unable to copy due to local LOS.

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