Cmdr Chris Cassidy (NA1SS) - Mill Springs Academy, Alpharetta, GA, USA, 1419 UTC on 04 September 2013

Cmdr. Chris Cassidy (NA1SS) speaks with students at Mill Springs Academy in Alpharetta, GA, USA, at 1419 UTC on 04 September 2013 via KK4OVR. He answered the following questions:

1. What is the most interesting research project you've done on the ISS?
2. Have you ever seen any big storms or hurricanes or wildfires from space?
3. What happens to your tears when you cry in space?
4. What is the prettiest sight you've seen in space?
5. What does it feel like to experience G forces coming up to the ISS?
6. How does time pass when there is no distinctive night and day?
7. Do you use social networks while on the ISS?
8. What do you do for fun in space that you can't do here on earth?
9. How does zero gravity affect the things you dream about?
10. How do you get a haircut in space (without hairs getting everywhere)?
11. What are the effects of being in space on your muscles when you return home?
12. What made you want to be an astronaut?

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