ISS Digi Down.. How about PCSAT2?

From Scott Avery, WA6LIE:
Who knows when the ISS digipeater will be in service again.I know everyone at ARISS is doing what they can to get it going.
In the meantime... how about PCSAT2?
It is a crossband digipeater.
145.825 Uplink and 435.275+- Doppler Downlink.

Most of us have dualband radios these days.
Some may have monobanders too, and sometimes ideal. However, these days, most radios can be controlled by a computer. All one needs is an interface cable from the rig to computer.
Ham Radio Deluxe is FREE software,and has a satellite tracking mode to control your Radio,TNC,Rotor etc... Simon has done a lot of new stuff on the satellite tracking/radio control that makes it "EASY" to use on most radios.
I highly recommend the AGW Packet Engine too.
This way, you can also use your soundcard on your computer to receive,and with some work, transmit too with NO TNC!

I hope to see you on PCSAT2!
See.. for more info.

73, Scott

PY4MAB – Fri, 2005 – 09 – 16 05:02

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