Dr. Tom Marshburn (NA1SS) - Guilford Co. Schools, Greensboro, NC, USA, 1452 UTC on 02 May 2013

Dr. Tom Marshburn (NA1SS) speaks to students at Guilford Co. Schools, Greensboro, NC, USA, at 1452 UTC on 02 May 2013 via W4GSO. He answered the following questions:

1. Why do you wear a white suit and what is it made of?
2. How would you handle an emergency in space, like if someone gets really sick or injured on board the space station?
3. How does the day being only 92 minutes affect living and working on ISS?
4. Do you think there is something in outer space that could cure diseases and save lives?
5. Was there any class that you took in elementary or middle school that influenced your decision to become an astronaut?
6. What are the sacrifices made to become an astronaut and do you ever have any regrets or worries about the amazing adventures and time in space?
7. What is the most incredible thing you have seen while in space?
8. How has the experience of being in space and learning the science of space helped you appreciate what it means to be human?
9. How did your family and friends feel about you going into space?
10. What are some of the experiments running on the International Space Station and how are they related to society on Earth?
11. We used the Drake Equation to find the percentage of the chance of intelligent alien life. Do you believe in alien life? If yes, why? If no, why? How can we know for sure?
12. What dangers could you face living at the Space Station and what drills or procedures are in place if something happens?
13. Does zero gravity affect the things you dream about and how long you sleep? If yes, what ways is it different than sleeping on Earth?

There were apparently some difficulties in maintaining contact early on, so there are a number of transmissions not related to student questions early in the recording.

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